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Expert View

Right to remain may already be guaranteed

by Pavlos Eleftheriadis | 24.03.2017

Vienna Convention suggests that, absent a Brexit deal, the UK’s existing obligations - including to EU citizens - would remain unchanged.


Barnier’s red lines cut across May’s

by John Wyles | 23.03.2017

EU negotiator sets out firm positions on UK settling bills, ECJ involvement in any transition and no “regulatory dumping” in future FTA.

Expert View

Poland will back EU not Brexit

by Denis MacShane | 22.03.2017

Despite acrimonious domestic politics, both Poland’s government and opposition agree priority is maintaining the union and single market.


MPs try to muzzle BBC on Brexit

by Sam Ashworth-Hayes | 21.03.2017

The broadcaster let the public down badly during the referendum. It mustn’t let itself be nobbled during the negotiations.


Welcome to era of Brexit inflation

by Hugo Dixon | 21.03.2017

Those who say referendum vote is painless ignore how pound’s plunge boosts inflation - now 2.3% and rising. And that’s even before Brexit.


Brexit will gum up government for years

by Hugo Dixon | 20.03.2017

One of the lesser known costs of Brexit is NHS, social care, regional development, etc getting neglected as government won’t have bandwidth.