Hold your noses to boot Boris out

by Hugo Dixon | 09.12.2019

If you hate Jeremy Corbyn, you may still need to vote Labour. Ditto, if you can’t stand Jo Swinson. 

Without tactical voting on a massive scale, we’re going to lose. It will then be game over for a People’s Vote and the chance to stop Brexit.

We are staring at a tragedy of monumental proportions. Most people will vote for pro-referendum parties on Thursday. But Boris Johnson is heading for a comfortable majority in Parliament, because our vote is split between too many parties. 

Unless, that is, people vote tactically – and back the candidates with the best chance of beating the Tories. We’ll then get a hung parliament and it will be game on for a People’s Vote.

This is not a time to be precious or tribal. This is an emergency.

We’ve called on the parties to look to the national interest. Grassroots groups have urged the Lib Dems to back Labour in the Prime Minister’s seat to bring him down. They have appealed to Labour to support the Lib Dems in Dominic Raab’s constituency to take him out.

But the parties are not listening. So now the people have got to take power into their own hands.

Remember when Princess Leia was captured by Darth Vader in Star Wars? She sent out a hologram message saying: “Help me Obi Wan Kenobe, you are my only hope.”

Tactical voting is now our Obi Wan Kenobe. It’s our only hope.

Some pro-Europeans will say they can’t vote Lib Dem because of tuition fees, austerity or whatever. Others will say they can’t vote Labour because of Corbyn’s mushy Brexit policy, his left-wing views or whatever.

But Swinson hasn’t got a snowball’s chance of winning. And the best Corbyn can hope for is a hung parliament.

Brexit is for life. Corbyn, at most, is for Christmas.

So vote tactically on Thursday. And if that means holding your nose and voting for a party you don’t really like, so be it.

Edited by James Earley

3 Responses to “Hold your noses to boot Boris out”

  • So sad to see this country being wrecked, not only by mad brexiteers but also by the persistent leftist inability of the remain factions to see beyond the doors of their own political little church. If in a few years’ time Brexit turns out to be the bane of Britain, as it very likely will be, it not only brexiteers that should be cursed. The impotent remainers are equally guilty, that odious Corbyn and his worn out fence at the front.

  • Already voted tactically (postal vote) as per More United’s advice. I do hope he gets in. I phoned up the Labour candidate’s phone number on the flyer they put through the door and very carefully, politely but emphatically told them on their recorded message how, very, VERY disappointed I was with them (in this area and nationally) for ignoring the fact that their policies are splitting the vote and letting Boris and his minions in. Of course I left my name too.

    I have further written to the Green Party, the Lib Dems online, and Labour online and said the same thing – oddly enough no reply.

    There are several petitions I have signed this morning asking (PLEADING) with Labour and Lib Dems to stand down in ten constituencies each and allow the other to win – I think two on change.org. If only Labour would listen – but Corbyn’s unbearable obduracy will land us all up the creek without a paddle if we are not careful.

  • I think tactical voting will go on a very large scale with or without the Corbyn and Swinson explicitly backing it. It is a great pity that they didn’t sit down and thrash out a common strategy as it might have stopped them wasting time attacking each other, and rather focussed on the appalling record of Johnson and the Conservative Party. Their parties want similar things – many of us accept that if we want to have an NHS that is fit for purpose and decent wages for key workers it will involve higher taxation. If the election result falls in such a way as to point towards working together they will need to accept it for the good of the country or move aside to let others do so.