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Brexit Britain and the West

by Bill Emmott | 27.06.2017

Defence secretary’s welcome words in support of the West must be placed alongside his government’s real actions and Thatcher’s real words.

Expert View

No cake – and not much to eat

by David Hannay | 30.05.2017

Trump’s presidency and Brexit are putting huge strains on the UK’s post-election foreign policy making.


PM must deny security is bargaining chip

by Hugo Dixon | 30.03.2017

May’s letter contained language which has been interpreted as blackmail. She should clarify she doesn’t intend to do anything so foolish.


Brexit border return unites Irish in foreboding

by Bruce Clark | 17.10.2016

Businesses fear tariffs could choke inter-Irish trade, while border controls to keep out migrants from the EU could undo decades of north-south security cooperation.