7 reasons to vote Johnson out

by Rachel Franklin | 11.12.2019

Don’t stay at home tomorrow. Brave the elements and vote for the candidates with the best chance of beating the Tories. Here are seven reasons why.

We can win

Boris Johnson is ahead in the polls. But his lead is narrowing, as he makes one misstep after another. Together we can oust him, as YouGov’s latest polling shows.

He won’t get Brexit done

Johnson’s pledge to “get Brexit done” is fantasy. If he wins, the Brexit negotiations will go on and on. So will the chaos. Our politicians won’t have the time or money to address the country’s real needs, such as the NHS.

Crap deal

Let’s not forget just how terrible a deal Johnson has done. It splits the UK into two: Northern Ireland will follow EU rules without a say on them. And as for Great Britain…. well, he hasn’t secured anything yet. It is even worse than Theresa May’s deal (no – we didn’t think that was possible either!). Seriously, get out and vote against this affront to our democracy. 

Corrupting our democracy

Speaking of democracy, remember how much Johnson has already corrupted it. It’s not just that he has told a stream of lies. He broke the law by trying to suspend Parliament and suppressed a report about Russian interference in the 2016 referendum.

Improve public services

All the manifestos make lavish spending promises to improve public services. But none of the pledges will materialise if Johnson gets his way with Brexit; we will be worse off, not better off.

Vote tactically

If you don’t like the Lib Dems but they have the best chance of winning where you live, hold your nose. If you dislike Labour but they are in poll position, don’t worry about voting for Corbyn: he won’t win outright. This election is a choice between a Tory majority and a hung Parliament. If we get a hung parliament, we’ll get a referendum on Brexit – and will have a good chance of staying in the EU. This is our last chance.

Hope and change

It may all seem gloomy now but things can get better if we stay in the EU. We’ll have time and money to address the problems at home, especially the NHS. We can also work hand-in-hand with our European counterparts to tackle the climate crisis. So get out, vote for our future and together we can move on from this madness.

Edited by Hugo Dixon

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