Every time Boris Johnson opens his mouth, he spouts untruths and makes false promises. Some of his supporters do so as well. They are repeating the playbook of the referendum when lies about Turkey joining the EU and sending it £350 million a week distorted the debate. They must not get away with it again.


Live animal pledge ain’t what it seems

by Nick Kent | 27.11.2019

Listen carefully to PM's weasel words. He doesn't say he "will" end live transport of animals just that he "can". What's more, we don't need Brexit to tighten the rules.


Freeports aren’t a reason for Brexit

by Hugo Dixon | 25.11.2019

We can create free ports without quitting the EU. Whether that’s wise is another matter. Thatcher tried and they weren’t a great success.

No fish quotas? Pull the other one.

by Hugo Dixon | 14.11.2019

PM says we’ll take back control of our marine wealth. But he has agreed with the EU to try to cut a new fisheries agreement by July.