Another blast on the dog whistle

by Nick Kent | 09.12.2019

The prime minister is trying to win Thursday’s election by replaying the shabby and dishonest 2016 Vote Leave strategy of scaring people about EU migration.  He is

Johnson leaves Ireland back door wide open

by Sam Ashworth-Hayes | 06.12.2019

Treasury document shows how EU and other countries can route goods to GB via Ireland - undermining our internal market - but we couldn’t do the reverse.


A dis-service to 80% of our economy

by Andrew Gowers | 27.11.2019

Michael Gove claims a bright future for our world-beating services industries after Brexit. This is a dangerous delusion.


Doing a deal in a year means obeying EU rules

by Quentin Peel | 20.11.2019

The UK will have to accept the “level playing field” that Brussels demands to finish negotiations in 2020. The only alternative is to crash out after all.