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Weakened Merkel bad news for Brexiters

by Quentin Peel | 25.09.2017

It won’t just take months to negotiate complex three-party coalition. New government will be just as opposed to cherry picking as last.


8 more u-turns from flip-flop queen

by Hugo Dixon | 23.09.2017

May made string of climb-downs in her Florence speech. It’s good she’s bowing to reality but in process she’s destroying case for Brexit.

Expert View

May’s speech: another curate’s egg

by David Hannay | 23.09.2017

There were welcome concessions to reality, but nothing on the desired end-state. Davis will have to supply more detail to get talks moving.


May’s next u-turn: mega-payments to EU?

by Luke Lythgoe & Hugo Dixon | 14.09.2017

PM will need to agree to pay up to €60bn to persuade EU to move onto trade talks. Linking it to a transitional deal could help the optics.