At Christmas you tell the truth, but not if you’re Johnson

by Jane Macartney | 10.12.2019

How could a campaign video of Boris Johnson inspired by one of the world’s favourite Christmas movies possibly miss its mark? After all, there stands the Conservative candidate, a wry smile on his lips and his blonde hair characteristically tousled. 

But trust the Tories to mess it up. And the trouble is trust – trust in the Prime Minister.

The pastiche is of that famous scene in “Love Actually” when a lovelorn Andrew Lincoln stands at Keira Knightley’s door unveiling a series of placards to confess his devotion. The placards Johnson uses are all about devotion to Brexit – including “With any luck, by next year we’ll have Brexit done”.

Forget for a moment that “get Brexit done” is Johnson’s biggest lie, as we explain here. Forget, too, that there’s a far better video on the same theme, titled “Vote Tactically”. It features Donald Trump knocking on Johnson’s door and wooing him with placards like: “With any luck, you’ll be selling off the NHS. To me!”

The Tory video missed out the crucial placards from the rom-com: “Just because it’s Christmas (and at Christmas you tell the truth)”. Including that would have exposed Johnson’s reputation as a pathological liar. But no worries. We’ve done the Conservatives’ job for them.

Edited by Hugo Dixon

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