Privacy Policy

This privacy policy outlines how InFacts will use any data you share with us. Any changes to our policy will be made on this page so please check back from time to time for further updates.

InFacts is committed to ensuring your privacy is protected. Any data we collect will be used in accordance with this privacy statement.

How we will use data

– Supporters may provide us with their full name and email address, should they wish to subscribe to our daily and/or weekly newsletter. This data will only be used in connection with our newsletters to highlight key campaigns and content and to inform on InFacts.

– Supporters who choose to sign our petitions consent to sharing their full name, email address and postcode with us. Signatories’ data will only be used in connection with the petition.

– From time to time, we may promote other organisations’ campaigns and activities. Any information you pass on to such organisations will not be collected by InFacts and will be governed by their own privacy policies.

Keeping data secure

We treat our supporters’ data very seriously and have a number of safeguards in place within our IT infrastructure to ensure that the data is secure. This data may be stored with fully GDPR compliant third parties, using secure servers. Your data will not be used by third parties for any other reason.

If you have previously chosen to share information with us you can change your mind at any time by accessing our Preferences page. Any data that is deleted will be deleted securely and permanently.