Johnson won’t stop the chaos – that’s just propaganda

by Sam Ashworth-Hayes and Hugo Dixon | 10.12.2019

A Tory victory means more chaos. The only way to end the arguments over Brexit and fix our real problems is to vote them out.

Mind you, that’s not the message you’d get from their mammoth advertising campaign, which includes buying the advertising banner at the top of the YouTube homepage in the UK.

One message is: “Stop the Chaos. Get Brexit done. Get all of it done”. Another is: “Don’t risk another hung parliament. Your vote can end the uncertainty. Get Brexit done.” Johnson even drove a bulldozer through a foam wall today with the words “gridlock” on it.

Wrong, wrong and wrong again. That’s more Tory propaganda from our very own Pinocchio.

Johnson won’t get Brexit done, he won’t end the uncertainty and he won’t stop the gridlock that prevents government focussing on the things that people really care about.

All he has agreed is a sell-out divorce deal, which turns Northern Ireland into an EU colony. He has deferred the question of what happens to Great Britain until the end of next year.

He’ll then face the terrible dilemma between letting the EU tell the whole country what to do or f*cking our economy. Even if he bends over backwards, the best he’ll get is a third-rate deal that will make us poorer than we would be if we stay in the EU.

The only way to put the bawling Brexit baby to bed is to get a hung parliament and hold a final say referendum. We can then stop the chaos. We’ll have a healthy economy and can afford to fix the NHS, our schools and our crumbling infrastructure.

So vote tactically on Thursday to kick the Tories out – even if it means holding your nose and backing a party that’s not your first choice.

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3 Responses to “Johnson won’t stop the chaos – that’s just propaganda”

  • A Johnson victory would be the beginning of a dictatorship. All the new police are not to protect the public but to protect the Government. He’s got to have them ready, although he might prefer the army. Look at Germany in the 30s; started off quite harmless – or so it seemed. We know from his actions so far that this man does not like to involve others; shuts down Parliament to suit him etc etc. And hasn’t involved Ireland in his deal proposals. Or the opposition, at all, although he should be acting on behalf of everybody (Cummings doesn’t seem to have told him that).

  • These are the darkest days of my life. I cannot sleep for worrying about this fiasco. I’m shouting at the TV and really should turn it off. Ever heard that stupid Carol Malone talking about Brexit? Please get her out of the media. If Johnson gets a majority the UK will fall to pieces. The Scots are furious; he has cut NI adrift and I would not be surprised to see trouble return. Johnson cares not about NI and lied to the DUP who were assured there would be no border in the Irish Sea.
    He will also stop individuals such from challenging the government in the courts and he will take his revenge on the judiciary for ‘obstructing’ Brexit.
    Farage has caused a lot of this chaos but Johnson has stolen his clothes and turned the Tory party into a bigger ‘Brexit’ party.
    If, by any chance, Johnson does not get enough seats for an overall majority (325) the I hope that Lab, L-Ds, Greens and Independents can form a government without arguing who will be PM. Just do it for the country. Get a second referendum organised and Corbyn get off the bloody fence.

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    Oh yes, I agree completely with the article.