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Brexit silly season

by David Hannay | 07.08.2017

Sad to say, the UK side’s Brexit chaos is all too real.


When all else fails, ask the people

by Bill Emmott | 03.08.2017

Vernon Bogdanor’s argument that a further EU referendum looks ever likelier is well made. But a fresh general election looks even likelier.


Dr Fox’s marvellous medicine

by Sam Ashworth-Hayes | 26.07.2017

Regardless of the merits or otherwise of chlorinated chicken, a US-UK trade deal raises bigger questions of “taking back control” in order to hand it to Washington

Expert View

A flawed bill that must be amended

by David Hannay | 16.07.2017

Parliament is being asked to give a blank cheque to the government to decide the detailed implementation of Brexit.


Hello Brexiters, Happy Independence Day!

by Hugo Dixon | 23.06.2017

One year on from the referendum, are you happy with the havoc you’ve wreaked? If not, there’s still time. Donald Tusk isn’t the only dreamer.