Brussels didn’t try to ban prawn cocktail crisps

by Sam Ashworth-Hayes | 06.04.2016

Myth: Brussels tried to ban prawn cocktail crisps

InFact: Boris Johnson’s claims that the EU was after your crisps are fishy.

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Despite warnings that the EU was coming for your prawn cocktail crisps donkeys years ago, a myth Boris has loved to circulate, they are still in stores today. What actually happened was that the EU wanted a harmonised list of safe quantities of food additives, allowing food to be sold freely between member states.

When the EU started drafting a directive on the topic, governments were asked to provide a list of flavourings already in use. The UK neglected to mention an ingredient used in prawn cocktail crisps. But when the lacuna was spotted, it amended the list and so there was no problem. It is a stretch to describe an oversight on the UK’s part as a great war” against Brussels.

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