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A Japan-UK alliance for open trade?

by Bill Emmott | 16.12.2016

The Japan-EU talks on a EPA/FTA offer a great opportunity for the UK and Japan to promote open trade and clarify Brexit


How about the Ukraine model?

by Michael Emerson | 16.12.2016

EU deal with Ukraine contains many features that could interest UK: no free movement, but cooperation on foreign policy, crime and science.


How EU leaders should handle Brexit

by Hugo Dixon | 15.12.2016

Excluding Theresa May from today’s summit dinner was a mistake - albeit understandable. EU needs to keep calm and play the long game.


An election is just what the judges want

by Bill Emmott | 12.12.2016

The Mail on Sunday doesn’t get it. If the Supreme Court decides only Parliament can trigger Brexit, a snap general election would be the judges’ friend, not enemy.