BBC’s catalogue of Brexit errors

by Sam Ashworth-Hayes | 06.12.2019

It didn’t kick up enough fuss to force Johnson to face Andrew Neil. It doesn’t push back enough against Brexiter lies. And that’s not all.


MPs deliver hammer blow to Johnson

by Hugo Dixon | 03.09.2019

PM may not even be able to call a snap election before asking the EU to delay Brexit. MPs may leave him to stew in his own juice.


Boris Johnson’s mission impossible

by Nick Kent | 03.09.2019

Purge Tories of Remain supporters, defeat Corbyn in an election and then force EU to give him a better deal. All by Halloween. Fat chance.


Did Johnson just bottle it?

by Hugo Dixon | 02.09.2019

PM made emergency statement to say what exactly? That he'll break law, resign, call an election or go back on his word. Take your pick.