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Lead Europe, don’t Leave Europe.

by InFacts | 15.06.2016

Manifesto for Remain

Great Britain has always tackled the world’s problems, not run away from them. We should be leading Europe, not leaving Europe.

In recent years, we didn’t seize the agenda because we had one eye on the exit door. But, if we vote to stay in the EU, we can provide leadership for the whole continent.

We are Europe’s second-largest economy and may, in a generation, become the biggest. We have Europe’s most sophisticated armed forces, best intelligence agencies and centuries of diplomatic expertise.

We can use these assets, working with our neighbours and allies, to solve problems that concern us all, chiefly:

  • Creating jobs. Jobs in the digital economy, high-tech manufacturing, financial services and the creative industries. We must extend the single market to include the newest and liveliest industries.
  • Fighting terrorism and the causes of mass migration. This means sharing information with other European countries to track down jihadis. It will also require a joined up political and economic plan to stabilise north Africa and the Middle East.
  • Combatting climate change. We pushed the EU to make ambitious commitments at last year’s Paris talks – something which helped secure a good global deal. More action will be needed to save our planet.
  • A fairer Europe. We need to crack down on international tax cheats. Acting with our European allies should be the first step toward effective global action. We should also secure workers’ rights, so the fruits of economic success are shared.

These things matter deeply to us and future generations. There are no quick fixes. But we can solve these problems by leading Europe, not pulling up an imaginary drawbridge.

We, the undersigned, call on our government to pursue such an agenda with vigour on June 24, if the British people vote to stay in the EU.
Don’t leave Europe. Lead Europe.

Lead Europe, don’t leave Europe: A manifesto for Remain


We, the undersigned, call on our government to pursue the positive agenda outlined in "A manifesto for Remain" with vigour on June 24, if the British people vote to stay in the EU.

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Founding Signatories 

Rushanara Ali
Anne Applebaum
Paddy Ashdown
Sam Ashworth-Hayes
David Bell
Chris Bryant
Colin Budd
Liam Byrne
Bruce Clark
Richard Corbett
Mary Creagh
Seb Dance
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Stanley Johnson
Anatole Kaletsky
Colm Kelleher
Neil Kinnock
Andrew Large
Mark Lewisohn
Sophie Lewisohn
Geert Linnebank
Boris Linnebank
Caroline Lucas
Sarah Ludford
Luke Lythgoe
Jane Macartney
Bob Maclennan
Kenneth Maclennan
Sebastian Mallaby
Pat McFadden
John McLellan
Carlo Micheli
Mark Moody-Stuart
Amelie Mourgue D’Algue
Bruno Mourgue D’Algue
Wolfgang Munchau
Charles Naylor
Natalie Nougayrede
John Osmond
Caroline Pereira
Caroline Pridgeon
Franck Petitgas
Annalisa Piras
Michael Prest
Tom Price
Emma Reynolds
Simon Robertson
Jan Royall
Roland Rudd
Alan Rusbridger
Jack Schickler
Henri Schonbach
Victor Sebestyen
Davide Serra
Ewi Shafran
Yojana Sharma
Nigel Sheinwald
Julie Smith
Nicholas Soames
Caroline Spelman
Michael Tory
Shriti Vadera
David Warren
Carole Warren
Alan Wheatley
David Willetts
David Yelland

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19 Responses to “Lead Europe, don’t Leave Europe.”

  • Nations should work cooperatively together not only for their own good but for the good of all mankind in the world.

  • After having been and (mostly) felt at home in the UK for 26 years, this is the least I can do to help, seeing as I never considered it necessary to get the UK citizenship. The world is moving closer together, especially big business. Political separatism is nothing but counter-productive in such a setting. Stay in, please.

  • To the subjects covered by your manifesto,which I to which I gladly add my name is the subject that concerns thinkers in several nations, the democratisation of some aspects of the Union. Let’s face it in that Britain is a lousy example. We have a commissioner appointed by ONE VOTE that of the Prime Minister on the strength,as far as the public can see, of a personal relationship. Lord Hill was not even elected to the position he held within this country’s parliamentary system. We know nothing of what he thinks or what his moral and political views are. The nation should be able to challenge him, scrutinise his suitability.

    I am delighted that Neil Kinnock’s name is among the signatories. He made a very good inserting speech in favour of reform of the EU and of the need for Britain to be among the leaders at the launch of Bob Taylor’s book.

    I hope you can get good exposure for your manifesto in the press, and what abput the German and the French too? Best wishes


  • We can only LEAD Europe if we join the Eurozone and sign up to the Schengen Area agreement – we will not be taken seriously while we are a semi-detached member of the EU. Let’s go for it now!!

  • The European Union is unique . We must stay in and play a constructive role for all our futures and the next generations.
    Let’s have some more magnanimity towards our close neighbours and our continental friends.

  • I vote in. There is much more about The EU. Than just immigration. Think hard the car manufacturers are good at what they do like BMW BENTLEY ROLLS ROYCE TOYOTA ETC if we brexit companies could take back what we manufactured and put it all in the EU. We make the wings for the A380. And then transport the to France. The French may make the wings to avoid transporting them. We stand to loose thousands of jobs. Banks are getting twitchy and some are saying they would relocate to the EU.
    The good old booze cruise will be pointless as if we are not in the EU the limits we bring into the UK will be lowered enjoy smoking well just think about it.

  • Message to those who wish to leave the EU – BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR. It would be a disaster for all of us if in a few moths time we find ourselves saying “we told you so”

  • This manifesto embraces issues of vital national interest. The UK must re-assert its leadership role in the decision-making that guides this, our continent. Europe is far more than just a trading association. It’s a cornerstone of our history and culture. Our fellowship with and responsibility to Europe has been paid for in British blood, treasure, and by enormous suffering and sacrifice. The flower of British youth died for freedom; not just in the Great Wars of recent past, but over the centuries.

  • I have never known anything else. I have always been a member of the European Union as a British subject. The idea of being outside of the EU actually horrifies me! How dare anyone take that away from me and my family?
    I don’t understand why this stupid Referendum is taking place. Is it even legal to expect us, Joe and Jan Blog to decide on such a HUGELY important issue which is also going to affect the rest of the other 27 EU countries. It’s utter madness and if I were a lawyer I would challenge it in the International Court of Human Rights.
    Cancel the damn Referendum. It’s like a bad joke and the whole thing increasingly becoming like a nightmare. Yes, the EU needs to be much more transparent and democratic (e.g. CETA & TTIP deals). It’s open to too much lobbying but so are national Governments. Everything needs improving, at home and abroad and we have to fight to make that happen and not run away from problems and cause utter and complete chaos in the process. The Pro Brexiters don’t believe in Regulation or Government and are happy for ‘the Markets to rule’ – that will be awful for our Environment, our Rights and our Health.

  • We all have a great responsibility to ensure that those who are not yet old enough to vote in the referendum are not denied the opportunity to be part of the EU – vote to stay and then work to improve the EU from within

  • Let’s stay in the EU and give Brussels a good kicking.
    If half of our population is so hacked-off that it’s willing to face recession to get away from the EU, the bureaucrats must know that they’re screwing-things-up big time. They already think that we’re a pain in the a**e so let’s show them how little they know. If we vote remain and save the EU from falling apart Brussels will owe us big time. Then it will be our turn to start calling-in some favours.
    We’re the second biggest economy in Europe so we’ve got some clout and we can wheel and deal with the best of them. We’ve also got a lot of friends in the EU who see Brussels in the same way that we do and will be on our side.
    Leaving the EU just so we can whinge and flick two fingers at it is not going to scare anyone if were standing in the dole queue while we’re doing it. If we stay in the EU, we can keep our economy on track and really show the bureaucrats what it means to be on the wrong side of British bloody mindedness.
    Let’s appoint a Minister for Europe who can be on them like a rash, all day and every day. Someone who eats bureaucrats for breakfast and who can become their living nightmare. (Would be a great job for Boris.)
    Cameron needs to show everyone that he is serious about taking-on Brussels. He’s got to let them know that when we say we want reform we mean business. In this way we can get things changed and people can see the sense of wanting to remain and feel good about it.
    Through centuries past there’s been a fair few places that have regretted being on the receiving end when the British get p****d-off. Let’s make it Brussels’ turn next.

  • The earth’s crust is equivalent to the skin of A soap bubble and we will all go pop over nothing but the greed of a very few people who are blinded by greed and self-importance and they are everywhere and will go pop over nothing but greed.what is wrong with folk we are all on this earth and I believe that there is enough on planet ? for everybody. I vote remain and sort it out for the greater good of all people,,, not just fat cats in suits. ?

  • I am in no doubt, after reviewing the facts (see for example Professor Michael DOUGAN’s presentation on Facebook.) it would be bad for our country to disengage from the EU. While I am not prepared to speculate without evidence on the benefits or damage a British exit would do to our economy, I can look at the facts and conclude that the level of risk involved in leaving is far too high on which to gamble our future (and, more Importantly, future generations) I try to disengage my emotions (which I admit are international and pro EU) and base my conclusion on evidence and measured thinking. I find myself terrified by the power of demagogues who, as happened to Russia in the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, are highjacking our country. The prospect of trying to mend relationships based on visceral hatred after all this is over is equally frightening.
    If our people vote to remain in the EU it is imperative that a chastened UK leads reforms in Europe to tackle inequality, prejudice and racism. At the same time we must address our own broken society. TA

  • ‘Remain’ is the only way to go, in my opinion.

    There is too much loading on this question to mess around with specious arguments and unfounded suspicions.