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Governance & Finance

The legal name of the company that owns InFacts is Referendum Facts Ltd. This is a company limited by guarantee. 

Editorial independence is guaranteed by an editorial board. The members of the editorial board are also members of the company. They have all given money to fund InFacts.

The company is run by a board of three directors, chaired by Hugo Dixon. The others are Bill Emmott and Geert Linnebank. All are members of the editorial board. 

In addition to the financial contributions by the editors, InFacts is funded by donations. The board has agreed the following policy:

  • No individual contribution will account for more than 20% of total financial contributions
  • InFacts will not knowingly take money from political parties or official institutions
  • InFacts will publish the names of all donors who give £7,500 or more in any year

Donors who have given more than £500 include the following:

Alan Wheatley, Algebris UK, Alterarum Foundation, Andrew Large, Anshu Jain, Basil Postan, Ben Stirk, Bill Emmott, Bruno Mourge D’Algue, Carlo Micheli, Caroline Pereira, Charles Aldington, Charles Manby, Charles Pridgeon, Chris Patten, Christopher Keljik, Colm Kelleher, Daniel Hallgarten, David Bell, David de Rothschild, David Gregson, David Hannay, David Ure, David Warren, Davide Serra, Edwina Sandys, Ewi Shafran, Franck Petitgas, Geert Linnebank,  Giancarlo Garuti, Henry Tinsley, Hugo Dixon, Jacques Boissonnas, Joe Schull, John Singer, Justin Kennedy, Leopold Henri Schonbach, Mark Moody-Stuart, Mervyn Davies, Michael Grayer, Michael Prest, Michael Tory, Nick Bowers, Paul Myners, Percy Marchant, Reza Moghadam, Roger de Freitas, Richard Reed, Rupert Soames, Simon Robertson, Stephen Peel, Tom Glocer, Tom Price, Victor Sebestyen, Wake Up Foundation, Will Hutton