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Services without a smile

by Alan Wheatley | 22.05.2017

Brexit clouds hang over UK’s vast service sector. From airlines to architects, Britain counts regulatory cost of life outside the EU.


Brexit could put the lights out

by Nick Kent | 02.05.2017

A Commons committee has raised the possibility of power cuts. It is another example of the unintended consequences of Brexit.

Expert View

Brexit promises a nasty chemical reaction

by Nigel Haigh | 21.02.2017

We will either have to copy EU chemical rules, meaning loss of control; or our industry will have to comply with two sets of regulations.

Farmers reap the harvest of voting Brexit

by Charlie Mitchell | 02.12.2016

The National Farmers’ Union campaigned for Remain, but rural areas voted for Leave. With labour shortages growing, British farms are in trouble.


What did Nissan get?

by Michael Emerson | 31.10.2016

UK says it told car maker its aim is a tariff free deal. What’s still unclear is what, if anything, it promised if that’s not possible.


What did Theresa May promise Nissan?

by Michael Emerson | 30.10.2016

It’s hard to see what PM gave that didn’t involve a policy switch without telling MPs or a sweet-heart deal that would breach trade rules.