Free movement means less strain on NHS and public services

by Hugo Dixon | 14.11.2019

Michael Gove has said free movement will hurt the NHS and public services

Claim 1: There’ll be “huge strain on the NHS”

Michael Gove in the Times

InFact: More than 65,000 NHS workers in the UK come from other EU countries. That includes 11,000 doctors, 20,000 nurses, and 9,000 technical staff. On top of that, there are 100,000 EU nationals who are social care staff. Doesn’t Gove realise that EU doctors and nurses are leaving the NHS in droves and fewer new ones are coming because of Brexit? Doesn’t he see that this is exacerbating already severe staff shortages – adding to the strain on the NHS?

Claim 2: “Massive pressure on public services” 

Michael Gove in the Times
InFact: If we stay in the EU, our businesses will benefit from access to a market that accounts for half our trade. They will be free to hire high quality talent. The economy will be £70 billion a year bigger in the medium term, according to the National Institute of Economic and Social Research. That money can be used to fund high quality public services, including bobbies on the beat and nurses to take care of sick people. If we stay in the EU, we can ease the pressure on our public services. It’s Brexit that will make it worse.

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