10 Tory cabinet ministers who deserve pro-European votes

by Luke Lythgoe | 11.05.2017

They’ve kept their heads down since the referendum, but influential Remainers in the cabinet could be the last line of defence if Theresa May seeks to impose a destructive Brexit after the election. It therefore makes sense for pro-Europeans to vote for some ministers on June 8. But which ones?

InFacts has analysed the record of all the 22 MPs in the cabinet (see table below). Six supported Leave last year. Pro-Europeans should clearly vote against them. Of the 16 who backed Remain, 10 are worth keeping on the basis that they are reasonably likely to stand up to May if she tries to do something really crazy like crash out of the EU with no deal.

How should you vote?

The prime minister herself shouldn’t be supported because she is now the high priestess of Brexit. The remaining five don’t seem to have sufficiently strong beliefs on Brexit to provide any brake on whatever she wishes.

Dividing the cabinet into strong and soft Remainers isn’t scientific. It inevitably involves judgment – not only of how vocal ministers were in the past but of whether they will have the guts to confront the prime minister in the future.

Table showing how to vote for Cabinet ministers during general election 2017

We’ve used the following sources:

Since publishing this article we have decided to no longer back Conservative cabinet ministers.

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7 Responses to “10 Tory cabinet ministers who deserve pro-European votes”

  • This page is embarrassingly naive. May will surround herself with sycophants, she is devoid of any feeling for anything except herself and the Tory party.

    If you want to save this country, do not vote Tory.

  • Trusting any Tory to support anything other than self interest or Tory ideology is stupidity. Their ability to U turn is well established, in recent years particularly.

  • Our own MP Trade Minister Greg Hands was a wonderful Remain campaigner but as soon as the referendum was done he Joined the May rhetoric and we can but hope that somewhere along the line he will see sense and push for a chance to remain after all.

  • What about Damien Hinds (Employment)? He says he was a passionate remainer but has kept his head down since appointed in 2016. He is our MP and this is a safe Tory seat (East Hampshire). Annoyingly, it was a ‘remain’ area in the referendum and I think he has an obligation to represent the majority of his constituents.

  • Perhaps we ought to highlight the anti EU rhetoric now at fever pitch from the editors of the ‘ Tory ‘ press now doing their very , very best to impress their proprietors in their tax havens ( which just happened to be in the sights of the EU before Brexit).
    Murdoch’s sky news is developing a very subtle, snide aside line in winding up comments and assertions which need to be confronted. But what else do we expect from the disgraced family and their minions.