InFacts Quiz: What does the EU mean for you?

by InFacts | 11.05.2016

On June 23, the UK will vote on its EU membership. Take the InFacts quiz to see how much you know about what the Union means for you!

The InFacts behind the quiz

Just because quizzes are fun, that doesn’t mean you don’t want all the facts. Follow the links to our sources and some extra InFacts content below.

Q1. Read the EU’s recent announcements on mobile phone roaming charges. And a little extra analysis from InFacts.

Q2. Here’s how the UK’s voting record in Brussels gets misrepresented. InFacts shows why the UK is influential in the EU.

Q3. Take a look at this explainer, direct from the EU itself, on who holds the power to make EU laws.

Q4. Despite the curvy cucumber myths, the EU is striving to make regulation lighter. Here’s how Brexiteers get that wrong.

Q5. Here’s a graphic showing the breakdown of the UK’s EU budget contribution for 2015.

Q6. London School of Economics professor Simon Hix has been busy on Twitter showing how many EU migrants arrive per head in each country.

Q7. These Home Office statistics show the UK has refused almost 6,000 EU citizens at its borders since 2010. And here’s how Brexiteers have tried to undermine this with their own misleading statistics.

Q8. Precisely 36,734 students took advantage of Erasmus+ in 2014.

Q9. According to this EU report into youth migration, 57% of young Brits are keen to work in the rest of the EU – at least for a little while.

Q10. The UK civil service employs over 405,000 civil servants, according to national statistics. The EU numbers its own bureaucrats at just 30,000.

Q11. Environmentalists For Europe have shown the huge impact EU environmental pressure has had on the cleanliness of British beaches.

Q12. The EU wants to slash carbon emissions by 80% on 1990 levels by 2050, creating something known as the low carbon economy.

You can register to vote in just 5 minutes. Voter registration for the EU referendum is open until 7 June

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