50 days to bust 50 myths

by Rachel Franklin | 04.05.2016

There are just 50 days to go until the UK votes on whether it wants to remain in the EU or leave it – and 50 days to stamp out the myths being propagated by the Leave camp. InFacts has identified no fewer than 50 – and they are mushrooming.


1. We don’t send Brussels £55m a day
2. EU doesn’t need UK more than we need it
3. UK couldn’t keep most EU trade deals post Brexit
4. We won’t be in single market without free movement
5. EU economy isn’t shrinking
6. There’s no European Free Trade Zone from Iceland to Turkey
7. Britain didn’t bail out Greece
8. Auditors haven’t refused to sign off EU accounts
9. Canada wouldn’t be a good model post-Brexit
10. Britain isn’t powerless to cut VAT


11. Quitting EU wouldn’t save NHS
12. Migrants aren’t drain on health service
13. US-EU trade deal isn’t threat to NHS
14. Health tourism hasn’t cost us billions
15. Healthcare rights in EU aren’t guaranteed post Brexit


16. CAP doesn’t add £400 to household food bills
17. Brussels isn’t to blame for British steel’s woes
18. City won’t thrive if we quit EU
19. We don’t need to quit EU to repeal clinical trials directive

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20. Free movement doesn’t mean we don’t control our borders
21. Turkey won’t join EU in 2020
22. Migrants aren’t taking our benefits
23. Quitting EU wouldn’t solve housing crisis
24. Turks won’t be able to enter UK without visas
25. Irish border won’t be unchanged by Brexit
26. Expats couldn’t be sure of rights post Brexit

Red tape

27. Red tape doesn’t cost business £600m per week
28. 100% of UK firms aren’t following 100% of EU laws


29…“didn’t try to ban prawn cocktail crisps
30…“doesn’t plan to put super-tax on e-cigarettes
31… “doesn’t forbid re-use of egg boxes
32… “isn’t banning custard creams
33… “isn’t plotting to tax cars and dustbins
34…“doesn’t stop kids blowing up balloons


35. EU doesn’t prevent UK deporting terrorists
36. UK won’t be dragged into EU army
37. Dangerous criminals aren’t free to walk into UK
38. Jihadis wouldn’t get Schengen passports, then attack UK
39. Counter-terrorism cooperation could be hurt by Brexit
40. Being in EU doesn’t undermine Five Eyes


41. EU doesn’t tell Britain what to do
42. Voting Leave doesn’t mean taking control
43. 60% of UK laws don’t come from EU
44. ECJ isn’t using Charter of Fundamental Rights to grab power
45. Five Presidents won’t drag UK into EU superstate
46. EU doesn’t engineer coups
47. UK doesn’t have only 8% of votes in Council of Ministers
48. Voters weren’t conned in 1975 referendum
49. Eurozone isn’t acting as a bloc to outvote UK
50. ECJ loss rate doesn’t show injustice

Edited by Hugo Dixon

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7 Responses to “50 days to bust 50 myths”

  • Health Tourism does cost the NHS billions, but not because of EU. It is because there is no requirement to check entitlement at the point of treatment, and entitlement is based on residence, not contribution. The losses are not known because there is no record of how many unentitled patients are treated.

    • However, the admin overheads of implementing checks to mitigate any such losses would dwarf any potential savings, plus they would be a tedious, frustrating barrier to treatment for everyone.

  • A nice list – but anyone could create a list for anything – it doesn’t mean there is any factual evidence that supports its creation! It’s too easy just to list a contrary view!

    Please gives me facts – not opinions! Why should I trust anything that has been written if it is unsupported by facts? Also, please reveal more details regarding your background and, in particular, any vested interest you have in making these claims. What are your credentials that indicate you know what you are talking about?

    • See the blue text in each article – those are links. Usually those links are to the source of the information being discussed in the point being made. Hope that helps!

  • Jean Claude Junker has today stated that Prime Ministers listen too much to voters instead of acting as full time Europeans. This from the head of the Commission which is an unelected body. These are the words of a dictator in waiting. I am totally committed to democracy with all its benefits and failings but the EU is run as a dictatorship, with MEPs being intimidated in the Parliament to approve legislation they have not read. I have seen it for myself on You Tube. The EU is not just undemocratic, it is anti-democratic and I have seen learned scholars arguing on You Tube that as presently constituted the EU is completely in line with a blueprint drawn up by the Nazis in the 1930s for how they would run Europe had they won WW2. Germany has by commerce and stealth achieved what it failed to achieve in 2 world wars – the domination of Europe. Your lists above mean nothing. When we joined the EEC, it was intended to be an Economic Free Trade area. It has by degrees over the years moved towards the creation of a European Superstate and the electorates of the member countries have not been allowed a say in any of it. We have at last been given a say and if we don’t take this opportunity of leaving this proposed European empire we deserve to have our arses kicked, to quote Herman Goering.

  • Have you been to the E U Parliament? Have you watched it for real. I f you did you would hsve a real respect for the MEPs that fight our corner. Regional Aid for local industries lorry leglislation to get mirrors on. Clean air.These are real facts.