We, the People, can stop Brexit…. Yes, we can!

by Hugo Dixon | 24.06.2018

We, the People, are the underdogs in this battle. Theresa May is against us. Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t support us. The BBC tries to ignore us – though even it couldn’t turn a blind eye yesterday when over 100,000 of us marched to demand a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal.

But we, the People, can stop Brexit…. Yes, we can!

The first step in winning is to believe we can. And since yesterday more and more of us know we can.

The second step is to do something. It’s no good moaning. We all have to become activists.

Brexit is not a done deal. But we will only consign it to the dustbin of history, where it belongs, if we fight.

Most MPs know in their hearts that Brexit will damage our country, our economy and our NHS. But they won’t have the guts to give us a People’s Vote until our voices are too loud to ignore.

So we must generate wave after wave of protest, building into a tsunami. MPs will then jump on our bandwagon. Even Corbyn will support us. We’ll then get a People’s Vote on the final deal – with the option to stay in the EU if we don’t like it.

Demand a vote on the Brexit deal

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Marching isn’t the only thing we can do. The great guru of nonviolent struggle, Gene Sharp, listed 198 ways people can fight without resorting to violence – including Lysistratic abstinence, a sort of sex strike.

But even if we don’t want to go that far, here are 12 things we can do.

1. Sign our petition calling for a People’s Vote. In just one day we’ve got over 60,000 signatures.

2. Arm ourselves with ammo – such as the People’s Vote Morning Briefing and InFacts’ afternoon newsletter – so we have the arguments at our fingertips.

3. Volunteer with local pro-European groups.

4. Write to our MP to demand a People’s Vote.

5. Pitch up at our MP’s “surgery” and tell them in person why the people should have the final say.

6. Call into local radio stations.

7. Write to local papers.

8. Sing an anti-Brexit song; draw a cartoon; perform a stunt; do something creative and publicise it.

9. Talk to our friends, family and colleagues – and win them round, with love, friendship and calm persuasion.

10. Get active on social media.

11. Give money. The more money we have, the more we can do. The more we can do, the bigger the chance to stop the madness.

12. And, of course, keep marching. We’ll have more marches – even bigger and ballsier than yesterday’s – before this wretched Brexit is dead and buried.

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24 Responses to “We, the People, can stop Brexit…. Yes, we can!”

  • You said at the start of your article that
    “Most MPs know in their hearts that Brexit will damage our country, our economy and our NHS.”
    Are you unable to put it more strongly? Isn’t it the balance of evidence that shows this.
    Please can you publish the evidence (projections from impartial sources, overwhelming opinion of business leaders, etc). Then invite brexiteers to refute the evidence rather than smear those presenting it.
    Can we please have evidence based decision making

  • Brace yourself for disappointment. We’re staying in – the public are changing their minds as is obvious to see.

  • This has never been about leaving the EU, it’s been about the Tories ‘taking back control’ of our laws and regulations so that they can pare them back or remove them entirely.

    If you’ve been conned into supporting this, you are not being a patriot. Your children will not thank you, and you will likely deny even voting Leave in a few years.

  • If Phil Winwood thinks that 17.4 million reflects “the will of the people”, his arithmetic is woefully inadequate . 17.4 million is in no way a majority, nor is 37% of the electorate. This was supposed to be a referendum of an advisory nature. David Cameron in his efforts to appease Eurosceptics in his party, called the referendum and somewhere along the line said that the result would be honoured, turning it into first past the post as in our general elections. The difference here is that after 5 years we can vote to change the government. That is not the same with Brexit. In other words a totally bungled referendum run in a country not used to having referendums. Theresa May compounded Cameron’s stupidity by taking up Brexit with missionary zeal.
    If any Brexiteer can demonstrate anything positive coming out of these shambles of negotiations, I have yet to hear it.
    Meantime our once wonderful country is going down the pan, and losing all respect especially with a Foreign Secretary who most unprofessionally uses swear words.

    And all you and your ilk can say is “get over it”. Pathetic.

  • Pathetic:: all Phil Winwood can say is “get over it. You lost”. Brexiteers have yet to demonstrate any REAL advantages to leaving the EU.
    A bungled referendum run by a stupid PM to appease Eurosceptics in his party and now hopeless attempts to appease the minority who voted to leave by the present stupidly obdurate and obstinate PM.

  • Surely the best way to get the politicians to do something is to lobby their donors. I bet there are a lot of Tory party donors who are dreading Brexit. Loads of them must do business in the EU. Can we get a list of donors and get them to put pressure on the government.
    Likewise Labour donors.
    Jon Hill

  • Brexiteers never to my knowledge come up with any REAL advantages of Brexit.
    All they can say , like Phil Winwood above, is : “Get over it. You lost”. Either that or they are abusive.
    Pathetic really.

  • 17.4 million people might have voted Leave but that was based on some ignorant unsubstantiated notion that life would miraculously improve. Ask any Leaver what benefit they actually know they will get from Brexit and they’re stuck.

  • As an European nurse, should I leave or should I remain?
    I can see so many Europeans working here, while there are so many native spice zombies in the city centre who don’t have a chance to prove themselves in a job.

  • A majority of one million in sixty million is poor reason to wreck the economy, make us weaker, make us nastier. This is not a football match where you win and go down the pub to celebrate. The more we know, the more those leaving millions are realising the stupid and self-destructive thing they did. A People’s Vote will settle the matter for all.

  • Phil, please explain why you and other brexiteers are against a vote in the deal? If you believe that people have not changed their minds and that “The Will of the People” is still that the U.K. leaves the EU, then surely you should welcome the opportunity to show the strength of feeling of brexiteers.

  • Democracy can change its mind and it has done many times in the past and if it has any sense it will do so again over this issue.

  • It is not a question of who won who lost, it is about what is best for the country. People are allowed to change their mind, because we are in a democracy, hopefully anyway.

  • All Brexiters can ever say is the taunting, defensive and childish « you lost – get over it ». Because there is nothing positive to say about Brexit and they know it. The will-of-the-people has now changed and this needs to be honoured.

  • If you still think Brexiting is a good idea you should consider getting your brain scanned to find out what is wrong with it. I have my suspicions but I have neither the time nor the crayons to explain it to you.

  • People are now waking up to the reality. What is noticeable is how scared the Leave Mad Mullahs are of the public getting a say on the final deal and how desperate they are to stop major employers speaking publicly about the consequences.