This Saturday is perfect time for Put It To The People march

by Luke Lythgoe | 19.03.2019

This Saturday huge crowds will take to the streets of London to demand that the final decision on Brexit is put to the people. With everything that’s happening right now, it’s perfect timing. Here’s why.

It’s clearly time to move on from May’s deal

The government’s bad Brexit deal got a second, 149-vote hammering from MPs last week. And yet the prime minister refuses to kill off her zombie Brexit. Yesterday the Speaker of the Commons made clear that the deal cannot be put before MPs again without substantive changes. Ministers will be racking their brains to think of ways around this ancient parliamentary rule. Here’s one idea: could make the deal conditional on a public vote.

We need an extension – but for what?

By the end of this week, the government will have made some kind of request from the EU for an extension to the Article 50 deadline. Reports currently suggest this request could be quite vague. It will anyway be up to the EU to ultimately decide what extension it is willing to give the UK at this week’s European Council summit. That proposal will then have to be approved next week by both Houses of Parliament.

To secure the extension the UK needs from the EU requires a clear purpose for it – something that doesn’t look to be forthcoming from ministers at the moment. But a great example would be to give politicians time to put Brexit back to the people.

  Join us at the  

  March 23rd | Noon | Park Lane, London  

Jeremy Corbyn is feeling the pressure

The Labour leader is starting to find it impossible to resist calls to back a public vote, both from within his own party and beyond. It’s the logical conclusion of the Brexit strategy agreed at Labour’s party conference last autumn – the leadership now needs to embrace it.

Corbyn made two more important shifts towards fully backing a public vote over the weekend, and came under renewed pressure from potential cross-party allies ahead of talks today. An enormous crowd outside Parliament would be another big sign that putting Brexit to the people is backed by the many, not just a few.

It’s the weekend before March 29…

…and we’re in a total mess! Two years ago the government set itself a deadline. It promised repeatedly that the UK would be ready to leave next Thursday, some ministers even suggesting the deal would be the “easiest in history”. That was rubbish. And as new facts emerged about Brexit it became clear it was going to make us poorer, force us to follow rules set by others and be left in an uncertain limbo for years to come. Now we know more, it’s only fair that the final Brexit decision is put to the people.

And finally… the weather’s looking good

13 degrees and cloudy. Perfect marching weather (according to forecasts four days in advance, anyway). Bring a light jacket and comfortable shoes, and you’re good to go. So join us on Park Lane at noon on Saturday to demand Brexit is put to the people!

Edited by Hugo Dixon

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