Telegraph corrects false migrant crime story

by Rachel Franklin | 09.06.2016

The Telegraph has corrected the headline, sub-head, introductory paragraph and photo caption of a false story saying EU migrants are committing more than 700 offences a week. The paper also made made six other changes, after InFacts complained to the press watchdog about its inaccurate story.

Today’s Telegraph contains the following correction:


The Telegraph has also corrected the online version of the article. The original headline and sub-head read as follows:


It now reads:


The original story misinterpreted figures released by the National Police Chiefs’ Council after a freedom of information request by Jack Montgomery, press officer for Leave.EU, a pro-Leave campaign. In its letter releasing the numbers, the NPCC made clear they were “NOT conviction data”. The data referred to “notifications” by the UK to other countries when their citizens are convicted, appeal their convictions, break their court orders or if there are any other updates on their convictions.

The Telegraph’s correction is the second correction to be published as a result of InFacts’ complaints to the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). The Mail Online published a correction yesterday about an article on the NHS and EU migration.

InFacts has made a further 17 complaints to IPSO, mostly about inaccurate migration stories. We have produced two dossiers detailing the errors: the hateful 8; and the sinful 6.

InFacts has also persuaded some newspapers to correct inaccurate stories without reporting them to the press watchdog. For example, the Daily Mail has already corrected a a piece falsely saying EU migrants were guilty of 700 crimes a week, similar to the one The Telegraph has now corrected.

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One Response to “Telegraph corrects false migrant crime story”

  • if we leave the EU then the migrant situation would get worse and the world would become a more dangerous place, because then we would help the USA even more to arm extremists in what liberal middle east countries are left. Before we started meddling in Syria trying to overthrow Assad, there were ancient artefacts and Christians who still speak Aramaic. Now the Islamic State are driving around Syria in trucks the USA sent there. We would also join the USA trying to start another cold war against Russia, if they speak out against the stupidity of the USA helping Islamic extremists. While the USA don’t care about more extreme nations like Saudi Arabia.
    Anti EU Tories such as Iain Duncan Smith and all the ex Tories in UKIP such as cash for questions Neil Hamilton want to turn us into a USA state, because corporations in the USA don’t have to label GM ingredients and can put wood shaving into cheese.