Vote Leave = LOSE control

by InFacts | 19.06.2016

Vote leave, take control? Actually, it’s vote leave, lose control.

We are one of Europe’s leaders. That helps us punch above our weight on the global stage: imposing the tough sanctions that brought Iran to heel and checked Putin’s war in Ukraine; combatting climate change, fighting terrorism, and creating jobs.

If we leave Europe, we won’t be in the room when the other 27 nations decide what to do. Instead, we’d tag along, as a follower, becoming a rule-taker rather than a rule-maker.

Our other allies would listen to us less and our government would have less power to do the things we want.

Lead Europe, don’t leave Europe.

Lead Europe, don't leave Europe

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One Response to “Vote Leave = LOSE control”

  • Is this website for real? All these articles must have been written by the EU itself because they are so biased. Ostriches! Keep Calm And Carry On With Brexit.