Think of the future when you vote

by InFacts | 22.06.2016

When you vote, don’t just think of today. Think of tomorrow, and the next day.

Think of your children’s future. Your grandchildren’s future. Think of the jobs they’ll need and how we can work in Europe to create them.

Think about the opportunity to live, work and study anywhere in Europe. Think about how we can work with the rest of Europe to save our planet.

Think of how three generations haven’t had to fight in Europe’s wars and how Europe will be stronger confronting the dangers ahead if it we work together.

Lead Europe, don't leave Europe

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One Response to “Think of the future when you vote”

  • Collective solidarity trumps rampant individualism. Are you a Trump? Rampant free people are not really free when all they serve is self. Not all selfish people will vote to leave the EU but all those who do vote to leave will be selfish.

    Do you belong to a Trade Union to equal the partnership between capital and labour so you get a fair share of the total which is greater than you could produce alone? Do you put your money in a Building Society because it is owned by its members? If so, the EU is probably for you.