If MPs can vote twice on deal, why can’t people vote once?

by Hugo Dixon | 11.03.2019

Theresa May says the public can’t change its mind on Brexit despite so much changing in the three years since the referendum. Yet she wants MPs to change their minds tomorrow despite nothing changing since they last voted on her deal in January. Her double standards are breathtaking.

May’s argument against letting the people vote even once on her miserable deal is full of holes. She pretends that she has to follow the “will” of the people to deny the people the chance to express their will.

When the public narrowly backed Brexit in 2016, Boris Johnson et al sold them a fantasy. The deal that the prime minister has negotiated bears no resemblance to this fantasy.

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It is bad for our power because it turns us from one of Europe’s most influential countries into a rule-taker. It is bad for our prosperity because it partially cuts us off from our biggest market. It is bad for peace because it destabilises Northern Ireland. And it is bad for people because it undermines their rights and opportunities, and hobbles our ability to tackle important issues such as global warming.

It’s like buying a house. You put in an offer and then you get the survey. It shows the roof is falling in, there’s dry rot and a developer is building an office that will block your view. You don’t have to go ahead if you don’t want to. The same should be so with Brexit.

So why does the prime minister refuse to let us vote on her deal? Because she knows she will lose.

In a free society, people are allowed to speak their minds – and change their minds. That’s why we must all turn up for the big demo on March 23 – and demand a People’s Vote.

Edited by Luke Lythgoe

7 Responses to “If MPs can vote twice on deal, why can’t people vote once?”

  • All true, Hugo.
    Suella Braverman was interviewed this morning on 5Live by Nicky Campbell. She trotted out all the myths on Brexit and how it would be a disaster if the government did not deliver the ‘will of the people’. She blamed the problems on the ‘intransigence’ of the EU. Campbell challenged her on this and she could not deal with it, resorting to laughing and claiming she was a ‘simple’ person – the first time I have ever agreed with her. What have I done to deserve her as an MP?

  • Absolutely right. Why are MP’s so terrified to take back control of this question and refer the matter back to the people? Having made the original mistake of delegating their responsibilities in this matter to ” the people “, surely now ” the people ” need to confirm their choice in the light of the information they now have.

    More generally, it must be said that the House of Commons comes out very badly indeed in the way in which they have acted over the EU Referendum. This has been a disastrous episode in the life of our parliamentary democracy .

  • The simple fact that there is no large scale outrage because this country is being pushed by its government into a situation where polls tell us a majority wouldn’t want to be, means that a large part of the electorate does not really care about it one way or the other. I think that most people haven’t a clue, going by some recent rather disquieting findings about insight and knowledge about Brexit among the population when being interviewed on the subject. InFacts is mainly preaching to the converted.

  • Correct Peter. “The people” have gradually been groomed from “having cake and eating it” to “no deal will be tough but we can take it” etc etc. It has been an object lesson in propaganda. Given the power of social media it is propaganda on steroids.

  • We learn that vast amounts of dark money are behind the malevolent propaganda. These forces are threatening also to the EU, and I suspect that they are trying to facilitate Brexit, so they are will not be lumbered with the likes of Farage , they have enough on their plate with anti-EU forces in Hungary, Italy and Poland.

  • It is often very difficult – perhaps even impossible – to admit that one has been had. That is the only way one can explain how it is that after grave warnings from the IMF, the World Bank, the Treasury, The Bank of England, the OBR, CBI, the National Farmers’ Union, Honda, Nissan, BMW, Airbus,Toyota, the Japanese PM, the government itself – the list goes on and on – there are people who can find it within themselves to dismiss all that as ‘Project Fear’ and instead rely on those great economists of the 21st century, Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage, and Jacob Rees Mogg. The wildest imagination could not beat that.

  • Brexit. Brought to you by Rupert Murdoch. It’s simpe: outrage brings readers/viewers which makes money for him and his companies. It’s all about the profits and damn the victims.