May’s own party on her Brexit: it’s a ‘shitshow’

by Sam Ashworth-Hayes | 19.10.2018

Backbench MP Johnny Mercer thinks Theresa May’s government is “a shitshow”. It’s hard to disagree with him. The latest crisis has been triggered by May’s admission that she wants to extend the post-Brexit transition period – a decision apparently made without the formal agreement of the Cabinet, and one that Downing Street had earlier claimed it was a “categoric lie” to say was being considered.

This latest crunch point is the result of May’s earlier failures; the inability to lay out what she wants, to get her party behind a model, to trigger article 50 with all this up in the air. The overall impression is one of a government staggering from crisis to crisis, carried along more by inertia than any guiding will.

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Predictably, Conservative MPs on all sides are deeply unhappy at the direction of the Brexit negotiations. Anna Soubry described May as “reneging on everything”, as 100 Conservative MPs opposed to a no-deal Brexit met to discuss the best way to block a crash-out. Backbench Brexiters are in a mood little short of regicidal, with David Davis “definitely on manoeuvres” and Leave-supporting MPs meeting to discuss triggering a leadership challenge. Nick Boles – a close ally of Michael Gove – also spoke out against the plan. The DUP’s official view is that the decision is a “mad panic” that won’t avoid the EU claiming the need for an Irish border backstop.

There is little in the prospect to please anyone. Extending Article 50 would see us effectively become a vassal state, paying money for the privilege of accepting EU laws with no vote and no voice. But this is not entirely Theresa May’s fault. Despite everything, she is not the problem with Brexit. Brexit is her problem. And the best way out of the shitshow is to give the people the chance to reject it in a People’s Vote.

Edited by Luke Lythgoe

5 Responses to “May’s own party on her Brexit: it’s a ‘shitshow’”

  • Basically then, the whole nonsense remains an insoluble internal Tory Party quarrel, which they have recklessly, irresponsibly and selfishly inflicted upon the whole country.

  • In 1944, when asked what to do when faced with the allied invasion of Normandy, Field Marshall Gerd von Runstedt said “Make peace, you fools !”. I’d paraphrase this – “Stay in the EU, you fools!”

  • Kerensky von Papen May is simply an unwitting stalking horse for the crazies who will soon replace her with one of her own. We’re well on the slippery road to a proto-fascist state.

  • This has always been a brekshit It is still a brekshit and always will be We are heading for the cliff and wil fall in the brekshit and does anyone think our quarrelling government can get us out?
    No a people’s vot3 I the only alternative

  • What keeps bemusing me is that all this idiocy happens in a Western European state in the 21st Century. By now one would have thought that education and knowledge of history, never mind experience of travel in foreign countries, would have largely eradicated this sort of popular stupidity.