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Hugo Dixon |

Hugo Dixon is a journalist, entrepreneur and campaigner. He is Chairman of InFacts and also co-founder of CommonGround. He founded Breakingviews in 1999, which he chaired until it was sold to Thomson Reuters in 2009. He writes columns for Reuters, Breakingviews, The Guardian and other publications. He is also author of The In/Out Question: Why Britain should stay in the EU and fight to make it better.


Even 3-year transition won’t be enough

by Hugo Dixon | 03.10.2017

Tories are bickering over whether we’ll need two or three years to cushion blow after Brexit. They’re in denial. We’ll need much more.


Tories still at war over transition

by Hugo Dixon | 25.09.2017

Ministers aren’t just split over endgame. They can’t agree on length of transition. When this is fixed, expect more conniptions in Cabinet.


8 more u-turns from flip-flop queen

by Hugo Dixon | 23.09.2017

May made string of climb-downs in her Florence speech. It’s good she’s bowing to reality but in process she’s destroying case for Brexit.


Endgame could tear Tory party apart

by Hugo Dixon | 19.09.2017

Boris Johnson’s biggest beef is over final Brexit deal, not transition. If May veers towards “Swiss-style” deal, Telegraph says he’ll quit.