Voters should punish May for her destructive Brexit

by Hugo Dixon | 07.06.2017

Theresa May doesn’t deserve to win this election. She is unfit to lead our country into its most important negotiations since World War Two.

The prime minister began the campaign by going back on her word not to call a snap election. Even worse, when she broke that promise, she said: ”Let everybody put forward their proposals for Brexit.” May has gone back on those words too.

She should have told us how she’ll find money for the NHS, schools and the elderly if she ruins our economy by pulling us out of the EU’s single market. She should have revealed how she’ll stop things spiralling out of control if she carries out her threat to crash out of the EU without any deal at all.

But, no. May has refused to explain herself despite saying this is the most important election in her lifetime. She has limited herself to sound bites such as “no deal is better than a bad deal”.

The people didn’t want an election. As Brenda from Bristol said when told of May’s plan: “You’re joking? Not another one! Oh for God’s sake, I can’t honestly. I can’t stand this. There’s too much politics going on at the moment. Why does she need to do it?”

The prime minister was so arrogant she thought she could get away with asking the voters for a blank cheque because Jeremy Corbyn is so weak. She didn’t even need to turn up to debate the other leaders. All she needed to do was claim she was “strong and stable” and the people would flock to her.

That too was a lie. After her “dementia tax” fiasco, May has been revealed as the queen of flip-flops, not strong and stable. Hardly the qualities we need to lead our talks with Europe.

And that’s not all. The prime minister’s secretive style – she didn’t even tell the cabinet in advance about her social care plans – could lead to even bigger mistakes during the Brexit negotiations. And her aggressive approach to our European partners will put their backs up.

So, no, Mrs May. You don’t deserve our votes. Labour may not be much better. The Liberal Democrats may have run a terrible campaign. But we can still back the most pro-European candidate who has a realistic chance of winning any seat – whatever party they belong to. Anybody who hasn’t decided how to make their vote count can consult our guide below.

How should you vote?

If enough people do this, the Tories will lose their majority. Such a hung parliament would be a reason for hope not fear. May would lose her power to drive us over a cliff. We might even find a way to stop Brexit completely.

So get out and vote in big numbers tomorrow. Tell your friends and family to do so, too. Let’s wipe that forced smile off May’s face.

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7 Responses to “Voters should punish May for her destructive Brexit”

  • I dearly hope that I am proved totally wrong, but it appears that the poison and lies spewed out on a daily basis by the Daily Mail, Sun, Express and Telegraph has had it’s effect and May will increase her majority. However, she has proved herself to be incompetent and inept, which might mean that the Tories will look for another leader – I fear such a scenario will be a hard-line right-wing nasty will be in charge and they don’t care how much damage they inflict upon anyone, just as long as they get their narrow, blinkered, bigoted and xenophobic way. I fear for the future.

  • The daily fail, sun and express have systematically brainwashed a large part of the population. I see no difference between the paper campaign and Russians meddling in US democracy. Why are the press allowed to get away with this vile rubbish?

  • Hugo, this is another mad article. Labour and Corbyn fundamentally do not want to be in the EU. Socialists feel that the EU allows capitalists to exploit workers. Basically Corbyn wants out. However socialists have got themselves in a muddle as the EU has tried to and has brought in some legislation which the socialists naturally love.

    Neil there is only one nasty party and that is the SNP who openly hate the English and indeed the BNP who hate everyone. There is one confused party which cannot work out if its for being in or out of Europe, wants independence in Scotland or does not and that is the Labour party or what is now known as Militant Labour. Lets not forget no one wants to even serve in Corbyn’s cabinet. That has not changed.

    A hard exit is not going to happen, it is no ones interest (either the EU or the UKs), when are the press going to stop polarising the situation? Clearly the government need to work through each aspect one by one.

    Have the Conservatives run a good election …. probably not …… they got hung up on social care, introduced something new and got hammered. This was unfortunate. May is not at her best on stage but was good and steady when answering questions from the Public. The most important thing is she did not make it up and feels what she says because she believes in it. Corbyn on the other hand believes one thing and ends up doing another thing because he is following the party line which he does not support and given half a chance will change.

    The bottom line is Corbyn does not believe what he is saying, he spoke at over 70 IRA republican events but apparently does not support them. What is going on………?

  • There were issues with the way that the EU is going BUT I cannot understand why the Tories couldn’t have told the EU Commissioners just what the problems that the Brexiteers had with the EU and tried by way of friendly discussions to find ways of solving our differences to our mutual advantage. Brexit should have been the very, very last resort.

    The future seems very grim indeed. National bankruptcy seems inevitable after Mrs. May has done her worst. A Trade Deal with America? Yes, and we shall see all of our assets transferred to US corporations as we become yet another one of their economic colonies. Good bye our NHS and Social Welfare systems, what’s left of our high-tech industries, education – especially our R & D in our universities etc. etc. The EU citizens made their views on the TTPI proposals, including their secret and undemocratic tribunals, very clear indeed. Now we shall have to put up with something infinitely worse. Is this what Mrs. May and her fellow criminals have been plotting and planning for all along?