Britain hasn’t lost 72-0 in EU Council

by Jack Schickler | 09.05.2016

Myth: UK has lost 72-0 in the EU Council

InFact: Since 1999, UK did get outvoted 56 times. But it was on the winning side 2,466 times. 2,466 to 56 is a pretty good score in any sport.

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    Edited by Hugo Dixon

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    3 Responses to “Britain hasn’t lost 72-0 in EU Council”

    • Your response is intellectually dishonest. 72 represents the number of times the UK has seen fit to vote against a proposal that is against its interests, whereas it has seen no problem with the 2,466 measures it voted for. Therefore, it is quite legitimate to point out that when we have object to something in the EU, we are outvoted.

    • So, on the logic of the first comment the score will be 73-0, then 74-0 and so on and this will reflect a defeat of increasing proportions . One could equally say we have won nearly 2,500 times. A more important question is: were these 72 cases important to our interests such that they warrant leaving the EU.

      • No, that’s not the more important question. The question is, why should we have our consent as a nation violated? It wouldn’t be okay to ignore a single person’s ‘no’, so why is it suddenly fine when we’re talking about a whole nation?