EU citizens can vote in UK but must register by Friday!

by Luke Lythgoe | 30.04.2019

EU nationals living in the UK weren’t allowed to vote in the referendum. They weren’t allowed to vote in the 2017 general elections. But they can vote in the European Parliament elections on May 23.

This may be their best chance to influence Brexit. A high turnout of the three million EU nationals living in the UK (not all of whom will be old enough to vote) can provide a big boost for pro-European British parties. They can help show politicians in Westminster – and the world – that Brexit has been rejected by a majority of those who call this country home.

But to vote, EU citizens have to fill in two forms – apart from the Irish, Cypriots and Maltese who are treated like UK citizens and only need to fill in one form if they’re not already registered. They also have to get their skates on. The first form needs to be completed by Friday.

Still, it doesn’t take long – and is well worth the effort. Here’s a three-step process of what to do:

1. Fill in a form saying you wish to vote in the UK – not another EU country.

This paperwork is super easy, requiring a few basic facts: your name, your age, the address you registered to vote in the UK and your nationality. Download the form here.

2. Send this first form by post to your local electoral registration office.

You can find the address of your local office by using this helpful online tool. The form has to reach the electoral office by May 7. Because of the upcoming bank holiday, this Friday (May 3) is the latest day you can send it and expect it to arrive in time. Use a first class stamp.

3. Register to vote by May 7.

You must also be registered to vote. If you already are, a polling card should have dropped through your letterbox. If not, you can register online. You will need your national insurance number and passport. This is the second form to fill in. It takes about 5 minutes. There is no need to send it by post. The deadline is Tuesday May 7. (UK, Irish, Cypriot and Maltese citizens who aren’t already registered only need to do this part of the process.)

As well as registering, tell your family and friends to do the same – and make your mark on May 23.

The process for EU citizens living in Northern Ireland is slightly different. The Electoral Office for Northern Ireland explains how and has a different form to download.

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2 Responses to “EU citizens can vote in UK but must register by Friday!”

  • This may be their best chance to influence Brexit, why should they be allowed, it’s not their country and its a country that’s going to disappear. And I haven’t written this before.

    Please update your EU registration information! You can now register online as an EU citizen instead of having to send the form back.


    This is really important and it would be great if you could help get the message out!