AUDIO: Is no deal really no longer better than a bad deal?

by InFacts | 13.06.2017

InFacts’ editor-in-chief Hugo Dixon talks to LBC about the general election and its positive impact on the Brexit negotiations. There’s even a chance that no deal may no longer be “better than a bad deal”.


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    2 Responses to “AUDIO: Is no deal really no longer better than a bad deal?”

    • I’m 72. Never in my lifetime has politics in this country been so fascinating – or so public. For a PM to say that she “got us into this mess and I’ll get us out” is absolutely unprecedented and just goes to show that she is, indeed, on borrowed time as PM. All this came about as a result of Cameron’s foolish referendum. For heavens sake, it’s not too late to say that this entire awful mess can go away if we just forget about Article 50 and stay in. And I can’t be the only one who’s thought that.

      And it is about time that Cameron was made to understand the opprobrium which will descend on his head when the history books are written. Idiot.

      • I completely agree with you John. We don’t have to leave the EU. I happen to have a lot of well read and enlightened friends and even a lot of them didn’t realise we could reverse the triggering of article 50!

        What are we going to gain even if we have a soft Brexit?