5 things to do in 5 weeks so Brexit is put to the people

by Luke Lythgoe | 17.02.2019

The “Put It To The People” march will be held in London on Saturday March 23, just six days before the UK is meant to leave the EU. Apart from putting the date in our diaries now, here are five things we can do to ensure that the people have the final say on Brexit.

Protest on February 27

On February 27 MPs are likely to try to stop the prime minister running down the clock. We will need to protest against her tactics outside Parliament. There are likely to be other key milestones between then and March 23. Sign up here to be kept informed.

Get involved in local events

There are around 200 local groups supporting a new referendum. Some of them even help organise transport for key events such as the march. Check this page for information about campaigning near where you live.

Tell your MP to put it to the people

Marching is important. But sometimes even stronger is a heartfelt message from a constituent – especially for Labour MPs tempted to back the government’s deal. This article looks at the Labour MPs who voted with the government on January 29. You can send a message to your MP using this easy online tool. Even better, go and see them.

Spread the word on social media

Tell your friends you are going on the march. Keep an eye on our social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter). If you’ve got a Brexit story to tell, why not record a short video and send it into the People’s Vote or one of its community groups – Women for a People’s Vote, Business for a People’s Vote, LGBT+ for a People’s Vote, Ethnic Minorities for a People’s Vote

Talk to your friends, family and colleagues – and keep fighting!

Everyone knows someone who is just plain bored of Brexit. But tuning out isn’t the answer. If Theresa May gets her blindfold Brexit through, MPs will spend years fighting over our future relationship with our EU neighbours. They won’t have any time to focus on real priorities: the NHS, more housing, tackling inequality. Meanwhile uncertainty will drag on for British businesses.

The politicians have failed. So they must put it to the people. March with us in London on March 23 to ensure they do – and persuade your friends, family and colleagues to join you!

Sign up to the ‘Put It To The People’ march here.

Edited by Hugo Dixon

6 Responses to “5 things to do in 5 weeks so Brexit is put to the people”

  • Please remember us. We are British and we live in the EU27 (not long-term holidaymakers) and we will be stuffed by a no deal. The deal is bad enough!! A no deal will deny all pensioners health care and annually uprated pensions after end of 2020. Fight our corner too. We are still British.

  • I will still away be in Bangladesh, but I and my friends and FB friends and students will be with you in spirit, and hopefully online!
    Rightwing disruption by the fascist friends and allies, and financiers of ERG and UKIP is guaranteed. Airport arrivals at immigration should be carefully filmed to ensure detection is swift and prosecutions guaranteed.

  • I think the unrepentant Brexiteers out now brigade, have held up somewhat in opinion polls until now, is because alot genuinely think they would escape relatively unharmed by a hard Brexit. What used to be called the ‘I’m all right Jack’ tendancy.

    Whilst it is true that there are those who are more obviously in the direct firing line, such as those whose jobs depend on export markets, EU nationals and expats, those sectors dependant on EU grants and imported medication etc., the wider implications for the economy have not properly sunk in. If the economy shrinks by about 9% , using the Government’s figures, that must hit government spending.
    So who will be hurt? Will education spending be cut? Will there be further cutbacks to the NHS or social care? Will the state pension be left untouched? Questions incidentally Jeremy Corbyn needs to face up to as well.
    Alot of people, including many pensioners, rely on share dividends to top up their income. So they may face a double whammy from a dip in their dividend income and possible cutbacks to their pensions. Would they be as enthusiastic about Brexit if they knew that was part of the deal?

  • Tried to use the MP “Letter Generator,” but even though I tried twice and entered that I voted Remain in 2016, the letter still says “Despite voting Leave.”

  • My wife and I will miss the March march because we’ll be away….. In Europe! But I’m sure we’re not alone in wanting to show our solidarity. Is it possible to set up a petition we could sign in absentia..This could add considerably to the numbers protesting?