Nationalism is the enemy of the people

by Paul Taylor | 19.10.2017

It fuels jingoism, racism and war, whereas what we need is to work with others. That’s why EU was set up. More’s the pity we’re quitting.


5 Brexit lessons from French election

by Paul Taylor | 24.04.2017

Takeaways include: Macron will seek to eat City’s lunch, he’s not that focused on strong links with UK, pro-Europeans can win elections.


The dangers from Europe

by Bill Emmott | 21.11.2016

The biggest threats to Britain now are Marine Le Pen and Beppe Grillo.


May’s support for openness is welcome

by Bill Emmott | 14.11.2016

After recent assertions that we can do deals with isolationist Donald Trump, PM’s speech tonight at Lord Mayor’s banquet is to be applauded.