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Is Brexit to blame for Carillion?

by Denis MacShane | 16.01.2018

Brexit is sucking lifeblood from government so that normal work, like supervising firms such as Carillion, is falling by wayside.

Brexit and the Economy: the Facts Explained

by InFacts | 26.05.2016

Eurosceptics are never clear about the sort of trading relationship the UK will have with the EU in the event of Brexit. In our latest video, InFacts runs through the opti


Six awkward questions for Brexiteers

by Hugo Dixon | 10.05.2016

Boris Johnson has posed 5 tricky questions to David Cameron. The Leave camp has even trickier ones to answer. Here are some of them.


Voting Leave = Losing control

by Hugo Dixon | 15.04.2016

Out camp calls itself Vote Leave Take Control. But in battling terrorism and Putin or fighting for industry, quitting means less control.