The great Scotland-London wrestling match

by Luke Lythgoe | 10.08.2017

Talks between London and Holyrood over EU powers will likely get heated, with Scottish resistance capable of destabilising Brussels talks.


David Davis’s Apocalypse Now

by Sam Ashworth-Hayes | 13.07.2017

The Repeal Bill will not provide certainty, continuity or control. The government’s lack of a majority exposes it to a constant fear of defeat.


Commons deja vu

by Nick Kent | 22.06.2017

Theresa May’s situation today has many parallels to that of John Major in 1992. She will hope to be more successful than he was.


Brexit will gum up government for years

by Hugo Dixon | 20.03.2017

One of the lesser known costs of Brexit is NHS, social care, regional development, etc getting neglected as government won’t have bandwidth.