5 ways BBC is falling down on Brexit

by Luke Lythgoe | 15.12.2017

UK’s national broadcaster has key role refereeing Brexit debate. It isn’t blowing whistle on inaccurate pro-Brexit dogma enough.


Even 3-year transition won’t be enough

by Hugo Dixon | 03.10.2017

Tories are bickering over whether we’ll need two or three years to cushion blow after Brexit. They’re in denial. We’ll need much more.


Corbyn sinks into confusion over Europe

by Denis MacShane | 09.05.2017

Just when Britain needs a strong leader to galvanise opposition to a destructive Brexit, the Labour chief’s dithering is handing Theresa May another gift.


MPs try to muzzle BBC on Brexit

by Sam Ashworth-Hayes | 21.03.2017

The broadcaster let the public down badly during the referendum. It mustn’t let itself be nobbled during the negotiations.


BBC is playing it safe

by John Wyles | 20.02.2017

Broadcaster is putting foundations under Brexit, rather than dealing with risky analysis about the potentially huge costs of withdrawal.


Why we lost – 8 reasons

by Hugo Dixon | 26.06.2016

Top of the list: no positive agenda; voters’ distrust of politicians; having nothing to say to those marginalised by globalisation.