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Quentin Peel is a journalist and former commentator at the Financial Times. After a career as a foreign correspondent, including postings to Johannesburg, Brussels, Moscow, Bonn and Berlin, he was foreign editor and then international affairs editor. He is now an associate fellow attached to the Europe programme at Chatham House. He is a regular broadcaster, conference speaker and moderator of debates.


Max Fac is really Max Fantasy

by Quentin Peel | 24.05.2018

The government’s indecision on a customs model will cost UK business far more than a mere £20bn.


Irish problem shows EU is a peace project

by Quentin Peel | 27.02.2018

Brits tend to reject peace project argument for EU, thinking it’s all related to WW2. Now Brexiters are trashing peace project in Ireland.


Weakened Merkel bad news for Brexiters

by Quentin Peel | 25.09.2017

It won’t just take months to negotiate complex three-party coalition. New government will be just as opposed to cherry picking as last.