Nick Kent

Nick Kent is a writer and consultant specialising in EU affairs who was Director of Research at British Influence from 2013-2016.

Another blast on the dog whistle

by Nick Kent | 09.12.2019

The prime minister is trying to win Thursday’s election by replaying the shabby and dishonest 2016 Vote Leave strategy of scaring people about EU migration.  He is


Live animal pledge ain’t what it seems

by Nick Kent | 27.11.2019

Listen carefully to PM's weasel words. He doesn't say he "will" end live transport of animals just that he "can". What's more, we don't need Brexit to tighten the rules.


A power grab worthy of Henry VIII

by Nick Kent | 26.10.2019

102-page document reveals PM’s plan to take 19 “Henry VIII” powers - giving him ability to change laws post Brexit without passing new ones.