David Hannay

David Hannay is a member of the House of Lords and former UK ambassador to the EU and UN. He was involved in Britain’s accession negotiations to the European Economic Community and was Britain’s Permanent Representative in Brussels when the UK helped to draft the Single European Act, which provided the foundation for the Single Market.


Project Fear becomes daily reality

by David Hannay | 28.06.2016

Every risk suggested about Brexit was dismissed by Leave as "Project Fear". Yet, less than a week after the vote, we've seen only negative consequences.


Vote Leave’s illegal hubris

by David Hannay | 20.06.2016

Leave campaigners’ post-Brexit plans appear to breach international law - a rare and unwise move we could subsequently regret.


Turkey: the big lie

by David Hannay | 13.06.2016

It’s often said in Middle East that, if you’re going to tell a lie, it had better be a big one. Leave camp has adopted this cynical advice.