David Hannay

David Hannay is a member of the House of Lords and former UK ambassador to the EU and UN. He was involved in Britain’s accession negotiations to the European Economic Community and was Britain’s Permanent Representative in Brussels when the UK helped to draft the Single European Act, which provided the foundation for the Single Market.

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The Trump soap opera and Brexit

by David Hannay | 17.07.2018

The US president said all the wrong things about Nato, Russia and Brexit. His word on future trade relations is simply unreliable.

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A White Paper that is full of holes

by David Hannay | 16.07.2018

May’s negotiating proposal fails to address fundamental questions and suggests fantastically complex solutions to the problems of Brexit.

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Bolton demonstrates importance of EU ties

by David Hannay | 03.07.2018

Trump's National Security Adviser was in London to chat with the hard Brexit backing ERG. If the US is attempting to undermine the EU, our interests lie with the continent

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Brexit is about security too, stupid

by David Hannay | 21.05.2018

A furtively published “framework” for future security co-operation begs fundamental questions of finance and dispute resolution.