Charlie Mitchell

Charlie Mitchell is a journalist at InFacts. He studied politics at Warwick and Sciences Po, and previously worked for The Caravan magazine in New Delhi.

Farmers reap the harvest of voting Brexit

by Charlie Mitchell | 02.12.2016

The National Farmers’ Union campaigned for Remain, but rural areas voted for Leave. With labour shortages growing, British farms are in trouble.

6 pieces of economic news this week

by Charlie Mitchell | 18.11.2016

As Hammond prepares for his maiden Autumn Statement there were snippets of good news for the economy, but a £100bn budget black hole looms.

Zac Goldsmith dossier

by Charlie Mitchell | 16.11.2016

Former Tory MP wants by-election to be about Heathrow. But his support for Brexit and racially-charged mayoral campaign may haunt candidacy.

5 snippets of economic news this week

by Charlie Mitchell | 11.11.2016

As Trump shocked the world to win the US presidential election, sterling’s bounce was the silver lining in a tough week for the UK economy.