Six of the best from the Tory conference

by Charlie Mitchell | 06.10.2016

Theresa May’s first conference as prime minister yielded detail on migration, health and the economy, as well as its fair share of gaffes.


Tragedy of empty seat at Bratislava

by Hugo Dixon | 15.09.2016

EU leaders are discussing migration, terrorism and globalisation. Britain had a lot to contribute in all three. What a pity we’re not there.


We must make migration work for all

by Hugo Dixon | 25.08.2016

While migration has on balance been good, it hasn’t helped everybody. Whatever happens to EU free movement, we must share the benefits.


Merkel owes us one for Turkey charade

by Hugo Dixon | 08.08.2016

With Erdogan backing death penalty, Turkey won’t be able to join EU. Pity UK voters didn't know Merkel’s offer of fast entry wasn‘t serious when they voted to quit.


3 ways to revive our politics

by Hugo Dixon | 27.06.2016

Campaign shows voters don’t trust the mainstream, leaving door wide open to populists. To fight back, a new style is needed.