Carswell mixes up his Hungarian parties

UKIP MP said Budapest’s pro-Remain ad was work of “extremist Jobbik party”. In fact, governing party is Fidesz – in same centre-right political group as Angela Merkel.

Published: 20 Jun. 2016

Farage gets migrant worker stats wrong by factor of four

UKIP leader claims “over 70%” of “new jobs… created in the UK last year” went to non-Brits. He has overstated the figure four-fold by confusing the net increase in employment with “new jobs”.

Published: 12 Jun. 2016

Farage’s jihadi figure “100% false” says Europol boss

UKIP leader keeps misquoting Rob Wainwright, claiming 5,000 jihadis have returned to EU from Middle East. This is the number who have left – Europol chief suspects “less than one third” have returned.

Published: 09 Jun. 2016

Dorries wrongly accuses Dave of Turkey lie

Tory MP Nadine Dorries claims (29:20) Cameron saying Turkey won’t join EU for 30 years “is a lie”. Given the hurdles involved, and EU countries’ veto on new members, she’s the one who is misleading.

Published: 29 May 2016

Liam Fox fearmongers over European superstate

Former defence minister says  (2:10) a “single European state” is “not the future I want for my country”. It won’t be. Cameron’s renegotiation deal guaranteed ever closer union doesn’t apply to UK.

Published: 29 May 2016

Express magics migrants into accountants’ NHS report

Tabloid says NHS to be £10 billion in red “creaking under weight of migrants”. The analysis blames a “leadership challenge” not migration. EU citizens contribute to NHS finances.

Published: 23 May 2016

Penny Mordaunt wrong that we can’t veto Turkey

Armed forces minister said UK doesn’t have veto on Turkish membership of the bloc. It does. New members are decided by unanimity, so UK can stop it.

Suzanne Evans’ border control worries misplaced

UKIP spokesperson says “we have no control who comes in, who might be a security risk to this country”. Not true – we can, and do, deny entry on the basis of public security, including EU nationals.

Published: 19 May 2016

UKIP’s Carswell misrepresents Stats Authority on EU budget

MP says “mathematical fact” we give £350m a week to EU. It isn’t. He cites UK Stats Authority as “confirmation”, but their letter said Carswell’s figures “potentially misleading” and “disappointing”.

Published: 13 May 2016

Cummings wrong that intra-EU trade falling

Vote Leave chief told Parliament’s Treasury Committee that “official figures” proved intra-EU trade has fallen. But Eurostat figures show both goods and services have risen.

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