Fox trots past borders

Tory MP says we should leave to have control over our own borders. But we already have that; anyone entering Britain must present ID for security checks.

Published: 07 Apr. 2016

Liam Fox’s superstate

Tory MP suggests staying in will see us “submerged into a new political entity”. He’s wrong. Giving more powers to the EU would trigger a referendum, and we are exempted from ever closer union.

Published: 07 Apr. 2016

Daniel Hannan ignores Commission’s constraints

Tory MEP claims the EU is “run by commissioners that not only we didn’t vote for, but nobody voted for”. Commission proposals need approval by directly elected MEPs and national government ministers.

Published: 01 Apr. 2016

David Davis wrong on EU terrorists’ access to UK

Tory MP told BBC killers were EU citizens so can’t be stopped coming to Britain “even though we’re outside Schengen”. UK border officials can still deny EU nationals entry on public security grounds.

Published: 25 Mar. 2016

Express hypes flawed £21,000 Brexit saving report

Express says “landmark” report blows “better off in EU” argument “out of the water”. But New World Wealth’s stats use improbable assumptions and ignore Oxford University, LSE and Home Office research.

Published: 24 Mar. 2016

Boris wrong that Brexit will help LGBT rights

Boris says the LGBT cause is threatened in Eastern Europe, so we should “take control” by leaving the EU. But EU standards work to protect LGBT rights, and Brexit wouldn’t help matters.

Published: 04 Apr. 2016

UKIP’s latest Project Fear: social security

Patrick O’Flynn warns of “restrictions on national social security rules” for all EU. But proposals for coordinating social security system are designed to shore up eurozone, which UK isn’t part of.

Published: 21 Mar. 2016

Priti Patel’s claim of UK impotence is poppycock

Patel says the UK is “powerless to prevent laws that damage our country”. But the UK enjoys 12.7% of votes in the EU Council, a veto in key areas and influence on many issues.

Published: 18 Mar. 2016

Farage flunks US history

Farage says “Obama is the most anti-British president America’s ever had”. This would have surprised President James Madison, who declared war on Britain and subsequently watched us raze Washington.

Published: 16 Mar. 2016

Boris falsely accuses Obama of hypocrisy

Boris calls Obama a hypocrite over rumours he’ll tell the UK to stay in the EU, because the US would never accept such restrictions. However, as InFacts showed, the US is bound by NAFTA and WTO laws.

Published: 04 Apr. 2016

Gove conjures incredible budget savings

Tory MP says we’ll have “£350 million a week extra to spend on our priorities” post Brexit. We don’t even send so much money to EU, and much of what we do send is already spent on our priorities.

Published: 13 Mar. 2016

Boris’s blunders on bureaucracy

Boris says EU bureaucracy churns out “2,500 regulations a year”, costing Britain “£600 million a week”. This claim is misleading on both counts. Regulations seem to have a net benefit for the UK.

Published: 04 Apr. 2016

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