Gove scaremongers on Turkey EU membership

He says Turkey and Balkan states on course to join EU with up to 88 million new people posing a threat to housing, wages and NHS. Turkey won’t join soon if ever. UK could also veto membership.

Kate Hoey misleads America on UK border control

Labour Brexiteer told Fox News (03:35) UK must open borders to 500m people “without any control whatsoever”. We have stopped 6,000 EU citizens since 2010 on public policy, security or health grounds.

Published: 03 May 2016

Lawson overstates UK’s EU budget cost

Ex-Chancellor says we pay £10bn a year after netting off payments to UK scientists. His stats don’t net off money received by private sector. A better figure is £6.3bn – 26p per person per day.

Published: 3 May 2016

Michael Petley forgets thousands of British EU victories

Business for Britain campaigner says we lost every one of the 70 times we voted against EU laws – but ignores many times we won. Since 1999, we voted in favour 2,474 times – far more hits than misses.

Published: 29 Apr. 2016

Grayling cannot pay off junior doctors strike with Brexit

Chris Grayling says if UK “took back control of our £350m a week” EU contribution, paying for a “proper 7 day NHS” would be “so much easier”. Leave camp misleads over EU budget savings once again.

Published: 26 Apr. 2016

Duncan Smith wrong about sovereignty

Echoing Boris, IDS says Obama is asking UK to accept a situation the US never would; being bound by foreign courts. But the US does accept foreign judgements, both from the WTO tribunal and NAFTA.

Published: 22 April 2016

Farage dreams up Turkish family reunion scare

UKIP boss says Turks will use visa-free travel to Schengen to get “family reunion” rights in Germany, then come to UK. Family reunion is normally only considered for people applying from outside EU.

Published: 18 Apr. 2016

Ian Botham caught out on EU accounts

Cricket great says corruption and waste mean EU accounts haven’t had clean bill of health for 20 years. Not true. He also said Brussels bills us £350m/week. Rebate means we never send EU as much.

Published: 18 Apr. 2016

UKIP defence spokesman out of control on borders

Mike Hookem says security at risk from “open borders and a complete loss of control” over who can enter UK. Our borders aren’t open and EU citizens can be denied entry on security grounds.

Published: 14 Apr. 2016

Express hasn’t got proof of IMF scaremongering

Tabloid cites FTSE rise as “proof” that IMF was wrong to warn about Brexit. The pound’s fall this year undercuts Express claim that investors have “NO fears”.

Published: 14 Apr. 2016

Vote Leave invents idea that EU wants UK IMF seat

Leave camp says “our voice at the IMF will be silenced as the EU wants to take our seat at the top table”. What EU wants is euro area to speak with one voice at IMF – and UK doesn’t use euro.

Published: 12 Apr. 2016

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