We’re mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore

by Hugo Dixon | 19.07.2019

Come to the “no to Boris, yes to Europe” demo tomorrow. Then channel your energy into making the positive case to be in the EU.

We are right to be angry that Boris Johnson is about to be forced upon us as prime minister. He will probably try to rip us out of the EU without a deal. He hasn’t even asked the voters whether they want this most destructive form of Brexit. He will only have been chosen by 160,000 Tory members, 0.25% of our 66 million people.

So get out tomorrow and demonstrate in central London. Assemble at noon in Park Lane. Then make your way to Parliament Square, where you’ll be able to listen to activists and campaigners, including me!

This is a grassroots demo. The people will be speaking truth to power. We won’t have any politicians on the stage.

July 20th
Park Lane, London

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We’re probably heading for either a new referendum or an election. Johnson has backed himself into a corner with his extreme rhetoric and so probably can’t get away with putting lipstick on Theresa May’s pig of a deal. Meanwhile, MPs will probably stop him crashing out of the EU without one.

So we are likely to be asked to decide one way or another whether we want a no-deal Brexit or no Brexit at all. To win that argument, we need both to say it’s mad to charge over the cliff into the abyss and that it’s good to stay in the EU.

For me, the core argument is that we will be better able to fix the country’s real problems – such as care for the elderly, lack of investment in swathes of the country and knife crime – if we stay in the EU. We will have more money. Our politicians also won’t be obsessed with bloody Brexit till the cows come home.

We’ll also be better able to fix problems further afield – such as the climate crisis – if we have a seat at Europe’s top table. We will have more power on the global stage. We won’t get bullied by Vladimir Putin and have to suck up to Donald Trump. If the whole world was like the EU, it would be far, far better. Countries work together and respect each other, rather than fight and bully each other.

So let’s put the bawling Brexit baby to bed – and take back our rightful place in Europe. See you tomorrow!

Edited by Luke Lythgoe

6 Responses to “We’re mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore”

  • Yes, spot on Hugo. What makes the Conservative leadership process even more farcical is that both candidates have been promoting a ‘leave by Halloween, do or die’ mantra, and yet the UK is now a ‘remain’ nation, with every opinion poll for more than a year giving mid-50% in favour of staying in the EU, against the mid-40% still unbelievably wanting to leave. Even the Europhobic Daily Mail last week published a poll which had 54%-46% in favour of ‘remain’ which really says it all. The vast majority of businesses, economists, thinkers and the public don’t want a ‘no-deal’ Brexit, so why are the likes of the ERG still propagating this nonsense?

  • What is frightening though, is that democracy in this country apparently isn’t robust enough to withstand this sort of partisan fanatical attacks! This is demolition of a democratic society, precisely as it is happening in the USA. And by a similar kind of political power, that in turn demonstrates uncomfortable likeness to that which took Germany to its doom in 1939.

  • The ERG et al are making money out of Brexit. That’s why they are so determined to crash out.
    Mogg’s own personal fortune has been estimated to have benefited by some £7M since 2016.

  • Hello Hugo,

    I was told by a friend that he had watched a German documentary about Brexit in the last few days on German TV.

    The programme apparently focussed on a conspiracy between right-wing Americans and the Brexiteers that we’re familiar with.
    The gist of this conspiracy is that Brexit is required as a tool to damage the UK economy – obviously and inevitably firms go bust or threaten bankruptcy , along with the usual bursting of property prices.
    As a consequence, the co-conspirators start to buy up distressed assets at bargain prices.
    Far fetched? Sounds quite realistic to me.

    Unfortunately I’ve no more on this story.

    Please Hugo let us know what your knowledge of this story is?

  • I did not see the programme but have no difficulty in believing what it claimed. Straight out of the disaster capitalism handbook.
    Britain has been set up: the country is fast becoming a banana Republic and the predators are closing in.
    Who can expose those true betrayers in the same way as Cambridge Analytica/Facebook were exposed?
    Such revelations would not convince the members of the flat-earth Brexit cult, nothing would, but surely it would be a wake-up call to the rest?