Vote for EU and against bigotry, misery and fudge

by Luke Lythgoe | 22.05.2019

A vote for pro-EU parties on Thursday is a vote to fix the country’s real problems and against Nigel Farage’s bigotry, Theresa May’s misery, and Jeremy Corbyn’s fudge.

The best way to achieve these aims in England is by voting Lib Dems or Green. The SNP and Plaid Cymru are also strong pro-European contenders in Scotland and Wales.

Don’t vote for Labour. While Jeremy Corbyn is still umming and ahhing about a new referendum, he doesn’t deserve pro-Europeans’ votes. Remember how a vote for Labour in the 2017 general election was twisted by Theresa May as a “vote for Brexit”?

Corbyn has whipped twice in Parliament for a public vote on Brexit – and he’ll probably do so again. Labour can therefore be counted in the final pro-People’s Vote tally. But if you want to send a message to Corbyn, then the Lib Dems are best placed to knock his party into third place.

Change UK are good pro-Europeans but unlikely to pick up any MEPs. A vote for them will reduce the chances of other pro-Europeans winning seats.

Send a clear message: the people are sick of Brexit

After the local elections three weeks ago, both main parties interpreted the hammering they received from voters as a message to get Brexit done. But if we quit the EU, our politicians will be obsessing about Brexit for years. The only way to stop that is to stop Brexit.

May is expected to be replaced by a hard Brexiter before the year is out. There could even be a general election. That’s why it’s so important the vote share for pro-EU parties is as high as possible.

Don’t let Farage be the face of Britain

Farage has turned the campaign into a battle over the “kind of country we are”. It’s time to show him that his views and those of his Brexit Party candidates – on women, migrants, the environment, the NHS – do not reflect the kind of country we are. His chaotic no-deal Brexit is not the future we want.

And don’t believe Farage’s hype. Here are some simple tests to show the Brexit Party’s “victory” isn’t so great after all.

Our future is stronger, fairer and better inside the EU

Staying inside the EU gives the UK the best chance of tackling the huge challenges facing us in the 21st century: climate crisis and environmental destruction; threats from bullies like Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump; an ageing population and ailing healthcare system. It also gives us greater opportunities: more freedom; protection for our rights; a stronger economy.

If you want all these things, if you want to stop Farage, and if you want the UK to move on from Brexit, vote for a strongly pro-European party tomorrow. Tell your friends and family to get out and vote too.

Demand a vote on the Brexit deal

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Edited by Hugo Dixon

2 Responses to “Vote for EU and against bigotry, misery and fudge”

  • There is a very alarming report on the BBC website where ex-pats living in the EU27 have received their postal ballot forms too late to get them back in time. In some cases the forms have yet to arrive. One guy has flown back to the U.K. to deliver his vote by hand!
    Councils have been using a private courier firm rather than the Royal Mail and the forms have been routed via the Netherlands.
    This is concerning as we could be talking of thousands of pro-Remain votes. People are being denied their say. It really is too much.
    Tice was given prime time on Channel 4 and was allowed to get away with vacuous comments without being challenged strongly enough. He actually bullied the interviewer, talking over her. She tried to interject but not very successfully. Why didn’t they interview Vince Cable or Caroline Lucas?

  • Tice is using the standard interviewing technique pretty much perfected by Farage.
    Just listen to his radio Phone In and wait for a caller putting Farage on the spot, eg asking about the future of the economy or how public services would be after Brexit. You will find he talks over the caller and then cuts them off. He wants to get the discussion onto his prepared script on ‘betrayal, will of the people, traitors’.

    If he’s confronted in another setting, e.g. by Andrew Marr or Channel 4 News with awkward questions, he justs gets agitated or takes umbridge without answering the questions seriously.