5 reasons to join tomorrow’s march

by Rachel Franklin | 18.10.2019

The past three and a half years of divisive rhetoric, political posturing and parliamentary wrangling is all coming to a head this weekend. Hoards of protesters will assemble along Park Lane at midday this coming Saturday to march to Parliament Square and demand a People’s Vote. Here are five reasons you need to be there:

1. The stakes have never been higher

The prime minister has struck a deal. But it’s a terrible deal that could have horrific consequences for environmental safeguards, equal rights and worker protections, among other things. None of these things were on the ballot paper in 2016. The only solution is to hand the decision back to the people; there is no mandate for anything alternative. With so much at stake, it’s time to make our voices heard on the biggest issue facing Britain for decades. 

2. Parliament will be listening

The march will culminate in a huge rally in Parliament Square, at the same time as Parliament will be sitting on a Saturday for the first time since the Falklands War. With many MPs still wavering on what to do, there has never been a better time to show the strength of support for a People’s Vote. The sheer force of the crowd could have a real impact on what MPs do in the chamber. This will be a march that can have a clear and tangible impact on political decisions, almost instantaneously! 

3. History will be made

The People’s Vote is the movement that just keeps on growing. At our first march in June 2018 over 100,000 marched for what was then considered a farfetched fantasy for Remainers. In October 2018, 700,000 people mobilised to call for a People’s Vote amidst an ever-growing political crisis. Then, in March this year, more than a million people took to the streets in one of the biggest demonstrations this country has ever seen with the demand that the government put it to the people. With support from both Remain and Leave voters, our campaign calls for an end to the paralysis that has crippled our country for the past three and a half years. Make sure you’re part of it.

4. It will be the most diverse march yet

This is an issue that goes beyond social, political and demographic divisions. It unites people from the left and right, North and South, young and old. Our movement has never been more vibrant or diverse and all will be out in force on Saturday. Whether you identify as an ethinic minority, woman, LGBT+, left wing or an NHS worker there is a campaign out there for you! You will be right at home on the march. If you’re coming from outside of London there are more than 170 coaches already confirmed. Find out where they’re coming from here.

5. You won’t even need an umbrella

The BBC is currently predicting a day of sunny intervals and a gentle breeze, with a high of 15 °C – perfect marching weather! All you need to do to help shape history is bring a bottle of water, be sure to wear comfortable shoes and hop on a train to be in Park Lane ahead of midday… See you there!

Edited by James Earley

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