What about the ‘Andorra model’ for Brexit Britain?

by Michael Emerson | 20.12.2018

Those MPs who are still advocating a “Norway Plus” Brexit deal – meaning acceding to the European Economic Area like Norway, plus joining the customs union from the outside like Turkey – have completely failed to explain why anyone in their right minds would prefer this to our deal inside the EU. It would amount the fullest approximation of staying in, together with the fullest degree of rule-taking without a voice.

However it is not an entirely theoretical option. It happens to be what three of Europe’s micro-states – Andorra, Monaco and San Marino – are currently negotiating with the EU, namely an Association Agreement including the customs union.

So maybe the “Andorra model” label will serve as the reductio ad absurdum of the Norway Plus idea? And make no mistake, the idea is absurd for the UK. It is only a totally dependent landlocked micro-state that can accept such submission.

One may add the interesting constitutional detail in the case of Andorra, namely that its head of state consists of two “co-princes”, in the persons of the President of France and a Spanish bishop. This puts the constitutional aspect into a vivid perspective.

However, advocates of the Andorra model for the UK would still be able to sing ‘Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves’ at the last night of the Proms.

Edited by Luke Lythgoe

6 Responses to “What about the ‘Andorra model’ for Brexit Britain?”

  • The Andorran solution is absolutely apposite.
    In the past, Andorra paid a yearly tribute to the Spanish co prince of 6 hams, 6 cheeses and 6 live chicken.
    When Andorra’s status is bestowed upon the UK, the latter can pay the following:
    6 gammons,
    6 Tory Big cheeses
    and 6 shadow ministers who chicken away from their electorate.

  • Forget Norway,etc

    Achieve what caused Britain to vote “leave”: DEMAND REFORM OF Agriculture, Fisheries.
    agree a common approach to migration (not just immigration to one country, International banking (indebtedness, currency. economic development

    Other countries want these too. Britain will never be in as strong a position to demand these as it is now, when others want agreement with Britain for their own benefit. But do we have a government strong enough to get this through the country?, parliament?, The EU? NO!

    If we limit our horizon, the Isle of Man model looks good:

    Let anyone come to live here if they can afford to,without drawing benefits, live here for 5 years before being allowed employment (and benefits)

  • Norway plus may be disadvanteous but it does honour the referendum result, that is its main merit. Or its main flaw, depending on your viewpoint. The referendum result is null and void due to electoral fraud so cannot be respected.

  • Andorra has two princes and no post office. La Poste (France) and Correos (Spain) both have offices in the country, but you can’t use French or Spanish stamps there. It’s not in the EU but it is in the Euro. It’s the only country in the world where Catalan is the official language. Everyone smokes tobacco, because it’s cheap, but life expectancy is the highest in Europe. I love the place, but it’s nothing like the UK.